Leon Sickles

What If Celebration Influences the Quality of Your Future?

Imagine your life without celebration.  Gratitude and appreciation would fall off your list of life qualities. Taking the time to do something extra for yourself or another person... Continue reading

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What if Delays, Detours and Accidents are Part of Divine Order?

According to the Unity Church, “divine order incorporates the laws of nature and beyond.” It involves greater influences and a bigger picture of life than we can intellectualize... Continue reading

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What If Life were Fresh in Every Moment?

What if life were truly fresh in every moment? You would approach daily life as if everything were new, unexplored and exciting. For this to be possible you... Continue reading

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What If You Were Disciplined Enough to Listen to What You Need?

What is it about being disciplined that makes it seem so difficult? Discipline is defined as: 1) Control gained by enforcing obedience or order; 2) Orderly or prescribed conduct or pattern of... Continue reading

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What if Life Were a Personal Journey? In fact, it is.

Every journey has a beginning point and a destination. Have you ever noticed that each day is a beginning point? At the end of the day, the ending... Continue reading

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