Co-Creator Masterclass

Complimentary Masterclass for the conscious co-creator who is ready to raise the level of their calling.   

Complimentary Masterclass for the conscious co-creator who is ready to raise the level of their calling.


Learn the 5 elements to create the foundation to bring your great idea into implementation!

Introducing…The 5 Elements of Co-Creation that Dissolve Fear and Activate Your Purpose

Wednesday February 9th

A new and updated complimentary Master Teaching from Laurie Seymour

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Do you have this great idea, only to find yourself unable to move forward with it?  You’ve felt the tap from the Universe. You’re listening.  And you know that it's an inspired idea from the Universe that needs to be born through you.

But it's brought up all sorts of fears and doubt.  If you don't address these fears, they can block your path.

Who am I to do this? Why me?

Do I have to do this alone?

I’m so overwhelmed with pulling in the idea, that I don’t know where to start.

Is someone else already doing this?

How in the world will I do it?

When you’re on a purpose-filled mission, the co-creative journey is powerful. When navigated the most fluidly, in the highest vibration, it not only brings through you the idea that was meant for you to bring in the world, but it allows you to take it from idea and vision to implementation in the most alive form.

When your inspired idea is part of your purpose, there are 5 critical elements that create the foundation to bring it into implementation.

If you don’t understand how to anchor and navigate these new or unknown spaces, even in moments when you think you have clarity, you stop the things that are on the other side of your clarity from coming to you.

When you have these in place, quantum leaps are how you live.

Recently, T.R. told me that she not only sees the steps to move her idea forward, but she is actively bringing the people onto her team to make it happen!

This is dancing with the new and leaving self-doubt behind. Because at some point, self-awareness must evolve into aligned action.

I spent so many years pushing myself to the brink of exhaustion with my intellect alone. I was too scared of standing with the visions I was receiving.

When my inner wiring system was activated, and I connected to my inner compass—to the field of Creative Intelligence—everything turned around. I changed my career, ended destructive patterns (and relationships), and finally was free to live into my purpose.

This is why I invite you to join me for this Masterclass. Learn the 5 essential elements to create the foundation to bring your great idea into implementation. This is how you make your idea real!  

The world needs you and what you are here to do.

Here Are the Details for This Webinar

When is it?

Wednesday, February 9th; Noon Pacific; 3 PM Eastern; 8 PM UK ; 7 AM Sydney, Australia  75 minutes

Where is it:

On Zoom. Join from your laptop/desktop/phone

Who is doing it?

Presented by Laurie Seymour

Why do I need to be there?

Because the universe is calling, and you know it’s time for you to answer that call.

Please note that space is limited in this masterclass. Don’t wait to sign-up to guarantee your spot! 
A recording will be available for participants who pre-register.

About Laurie Seymour

Laurie Seymour has dedicated her life to activating people’s deep inner connection with their own inner guidance system, so that they can live life in flow. She is a transformational leader, founder and host of the popular Wisdom Talk Radio podcast, and founder and CEO of The Baca Institute.

As an innovation alchemist Laurie shows you how to create effortlessly, bringing your visionary big idea into form with ease. With an unusual career trajectory, she brings her thirty-five years of experience first as a psychotherapist, consultant, and trainer, and then as a technology solutions engineer, to help you leverage your innate creative intelligence, from ideation to implementation all the way to revenue. Over 20 years ago she was initiated as Turaya Grand Master, deeply honored to receive the stewardship of this special energetic technology that accelerates the process of innovation and creation.

Laurie is a contributing author of two International #1 best-selling personal development books and has been quoted and interviewed in numerous publications, podcasts, and radio programs.

“After more than 25 years of working with creative innovators like you, the thing I see that stops these massive ideas that the universe shows you to deliver, is the fear is the fear of doing it alone. We are living in times that require a different kind of commitment and willingness to act. So, if the universe chose you at this specific time, it’s so that you could become a pioneer for the world.

This is my highest mission, to help people like you not struggle, not block their
momentum and to get rid of overwhelm; so that they can fluidly and effortlessly
bring their ideas that have the highest vibration into action.”

WARNING: There are limited spots to this program. Don’t wait to grab your spot now.

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The 5 Elements of Co-Creation that Dissolves Fear and Activates Your Ability to Realize Your Purpose​

Masterclass with Laurie Seymour

Wednesday, September 15th; 10 AM Pacific; 1 PM Eastern; 6 PM UK