With The Baca Pillars, we’ve made it easy for you to find something to illuminate this moment of your journey, wherever you are in your life right now. They act as illuminator guides for traveling your path, provoking new insight and helping you to navigate the waters. The Baca Pillars are resources for your journey.

Your life hasn’t been linear so far, has it? You haven’t unwaveringly taken the path from point A to point B without sometimes going in a circle, doubling back on yourself or leap-frogging to point M or S in-between. Not to mention the surprises, detours and shake-ups that happen along the way!

Today you might be wondering how to get clarity on your next step. Tomorrow you may be ready to explore and create that new dream you have.

There is something for you here, no matter where you find yourself.

Dip into the waters of The Baca Pillars wherever you feel called. Because where you feel called, is where you need to go.

I. Hearing the Call
Begin Here

Respond to every call that excites your spirit. – Rumi

The journey begins with receiving an inner ‘call to adventure,’ when your life presents something unexpected or even threatening. Is your relationship hurting your heart? Do you have dreams that feel bigger than your waking self will entertain? Are you waking up in the middle of the night with doubts that won’t go away? The inner call shows up in all kinds of ways. It’s personal to you. Sometimes it comes as a gentle nudging of your inner desire. Ignore it and it grows louder. My friend Jim was rear-ended three times before he paid attention to what was calling him.

These posts will inspire you to listen to that small voice within you that is longing to be heard. This is the beginning of your journey.

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Key to Choiceful Responses? It’s the Feeling Body.

Vanquish Self-doubt

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II. Heeding the Call
Inner Research

Your journey continues as you do battle with your inner dragons, crossing wind-swept pathways over raging rivers and traversing unfamiliar lands.

If you’ve been here at The Baca Journey for a while, you know that we see inner research as fundamental to building a strong inner connection. Inner research—inner inquiry—is the way in which you unearth limiting thoughts and beliefs. Inner research is where you use reflection and the process of self-questioning to illuminate patterns. It is how you develop the power of discernment in order to determine the true source of the call. Are you listening from a desire to please, with a laundry list of expectations or under the stranglehold of control? Self-trust grows from developing a discerning heart for truth.

These posts will guide you in cultivating your inner inquiry, helping to shifting your focus from outside-in to inside-out.


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Calling all curious and courageous adventurers!

Why being an Inner Researcher is not for the faint of heart.

What is Inner Research? Why should you care about it?

Inner Research: your resource for stellar decision making

What are you willing to question in your life?

Do you allow the answers to guide you in new directions? How to question your life so that the answers guide you

III. Initiating the Quest
Sustaining Your Connection

What is your story? You know there is more to life and more to understand about yourself.  In order to access that, you must be willing to leave what you know—or think you know, setting off for unknown lands without real knowledge of either the destination or the outcome.  You become both the explorer and the researcher. Your field of research is yourself; your reward is anchoring into the essence of who you are. (From, Feel the Freedom to be the Hero of Your Own Story)

The single most asked question from you, my fellow travelers is, how do I sustain this connection? This question is the essence of who I am as a teacher. It is why I do what I do. I believe that building and sustaining your inner connection is the most important thing you will ever do in your life. It takes patience and willingness and trust. It is worth everything. The truth is, inner knowing trumps outer information every-single-time. These posts form the heart of The Baca Journey. They invite you into deeper exploration, provide sustenance for your journey and ignite fresh possibilities. Shine your light. Deepen your meditation. Return to them again and again, each time for new illumination. 

Pillar 3 Popular Posts

Do you listen to your inner voice?

Give it value. Pay attention to it.

How do you sustain your inner connection in your daily life?

8 ways to sustain your inner connection every day

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IV. Being in the World
The Art of Self-Leadership

Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth. – Rumi

The journey culminates in Initiation, receiving inner knowledge to be expressed and shared with the world. The Hero’s Journey must, by definition, encompass a return to the outer world. This is where you find your mirrors, seeing yourself as you move through your life. It is your arena, where your talents and gifts—your particular genius—finds its way in your expression of who you are. Self-leadership becomes a reality.

These posts carry you forward into the world, taking what you’ve learned to create your message or mission.

Pillar 4 Popular Posts

Are you a pioneer in your own life?

Are you a pioneer in your own life? Create your path.

Do you offer yourself with generosity of spirit?

Offer yourself with a generosity of spirit. It’s gratitude in action.

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V. The Art of Living
Celebration & Purpose

Claim authorship of your own story.  Begin a new story-line.  Write a new chapter.  Add new characters. Most important of all, see yourself as the hero of your life. If not you, who else would it be? The Hero’s voice is unique. Let it emerge. Discover the truth of who you are as life continues to unfold. (From, Feel the Freedom to be the Hero of Your Own Story) 

Often overlooked or misunderstood, celebrating what you have received allows the circulation of your new learning. It gives rise to sharing your essential message out in the world. The power of realizing your own story connects you with your purpose. Action takes on new meaning and possibility.

These posts take you into another beginning, not the end. Your life’s ever-evolving spiral means that there is a new journey to be undertaken. There is always a next step. There is always more to discover.

Pillar 5 Popular Posts

Acknowledgment opens the door.

Celebration carries us forward. Freedom is the source.

Embrace Life as an Adventure.

Can You See Everything as New?

VI. Into the Distance
What’s Next For You?

We are given such a grand opportunity to learn of the splendors and gifts that are within us. We can reject everything or we can experience the truth of who we are from the beginning… – Dawn Taylor

This is where you connect more deeply with the bigger picture, taking a quantum leap beyond anything that you have yet embraced. You are going deeper still, embarking on more.

In a world of infinite possibility, taking a quantum leap unlocks the door, illuminates the pathway and propels you across the threshold.  A quantum leap brings a fundamental shift in consciousness. Nothing remains the same. (From, How do you connect with a grand plan of life?)

Come here for invitation and inspiration when you find your boundaries dissolving and reforming around an expanded vision.

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Paris Quartet No. 4:

What is your first step when anything becomes possible?

Consciously expand your vision to receive new possibilities

What is your vision for your life? Do you know? Do you have one?

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Initiation is the pathway of self-mastery. The experience of Initiation is the transformative essence in Turaya Touch and Turaya Meditation.

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