Inspiration into Action Intensive Retreat

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Bring your idea into implementation in the most fluid, expansive, and evolutionary way, so you can make the impact that is yours to do.

Dear conscious business owner and visionary,

A conscious leader in your space, you are a soul-led visionary, conscious entrepreneur, innovator, or often, all of the above.

Like all big idea generators, there are times when you find yourself overcome by doubt, overwhelm, frustration, fear, and even despair.

The first inklings of these feelings often spark in the moment of being “called” by a vast vision: 

  • ● “My dream couldn’t possibly come true. It’s too big, too far removed from what I do now, too out there.” 
  • ● “If I pursue this idea, I’ll get lost in it. I’ll have to radically change my life, and I don’t want to do that.”
  • ● “Who am I to do this? 
  • ● “I’m on the path but have gotten stuck. I’m following the steps I’ve been given—but I don’t know what to do next.

The feelings grow as time passes, and the steps between inspiration and action stretch fewer and farther in between. You’ve embraced the vision but can’t see the path to manifest it.

If it feels like your heart is ready to break around your vision—not because you need the accolades, not because you want the money, not anything other than because this is so BIG—you are not alone. (AND it is a sign that your dream carries profound potential impact for you and the world).

When your inspired idea is part of your purpose, there are 5 elements that create the foundation to bring it into implementation

When you’re on a purpose-filled mission, the co-creative journey is powerful. When navigated the most fluidly, in the highest vibration, it not only brings through you the idea that was meant for you to bring in the world, but it allows you to take it from idea and vision to implementation in the most alive form.
Doing this requires these 5 elements:
  • The wiring that connects you with the field of Creative Intelligence so that your vibrational frequency is continually upgraded. The energetic frequency that gives birth to a new idea, is not the same frequency that is needed tomorrow, or the day after that. Being able to manifest your idea into form requires an ongoing energetic evolution.
  • That you have ongoing connection and communication with your inner compass. To navigate fluidly through the co-creation process so that you stay confident and fluid and allow it to unfold easily and effortlessly, even when you’re in the spaces of the unknown.
  • To embody the new frequencies. This is what allows you to release and dissolve fears that surface. As you co-create from higher vibrational frequencies, it will bring to the surface fears that come up from the part of you that doesn’t want you to go to the next level. By learning to embody the new frequencies, you move through fear, doubt, and overwhelm with greater ease.
  • The ability to dance between receiving and implementing.  Creation is not a static journey. It unfolds at a continually higher and higher frequency as you evolve.
  • Knowing the purpose—your purpose—that gives life to this idea. You hold the space of your own power by acknowledging all the pieces that have brought you to this place. That everything has purpose, even when it doesn’t appear that way.

Nobody ever told you that mastery of these 5 elements is what keeps your fears from stopping you

You’ve got this great idea and then you find yourself stuck. You know that it’s an inspired idea from the universe and it needs to be born through you, but it’s kicked up all sorts of fears. If you don’t address them, they will stop you from moving forward.

After working with thousands of visionaries and leaders over the last 30 years, I’ve noted that as people bring their program or their big idea into implementation, old fears and patterns surface.  And, as they evolve to higher levels of consciousness, often new fears get unearthed.  

Here is why that’s important. These fears can stop the progression of the evolutionary idea that’s trying to birth through you. You hold back and you miss your timing. Resources dry up. Someone else moves forward with your idea.

Here are some of the things I’ve seen get in the way. 


  • ● Why me?
  • ● I have too many other responsibilities and distractions. I don’t have time to handle my regular to-do list, let alone bring a big vision to life.
  • ● I have no idea how I am going to make this happen.


  • ● I get so overwhelmed with pulling in my big idea from the Universe that I don’t even know where to start. How in the world will I do this?


  • ● This is such a big order that you’re asking of me, Universe. Who am I to bring this in?

Do I have to do this alone?

  • ● Yes, I’m a maverick, but this is going to require resources, collaborations, maybe even new team members: things that I haven’t done in this way before.

Inner struggle

  • ● If I don’t do what I’m here to do, how will I live with myself?
  • ● Who loses out if I don’t bring this idea into the world?

I have some clarity, but I need to anchor it so that I can move forward.

  • ● I don’t always know how to keep evolving and expanding.

Introducing the Inspiration into Action Intensive Virtual Retreat, the most elegant, fluid, safe, co-creative and evolutionary journey you'll take in just two days

What happens in the Inspiration into Action Intensive Retreat?

  • Initiations based in Turaya Meditation that wire you for energetic co-creation: the fuel for your quantum leaps.
  • Dissolution of blocks: fear, worry, doubt, and struggle.
  • ● Big breakthroughs in ideas, awareness, and next step actions.
  • ● An immersion in the fundamentals of fluidity and flow to make things easier.
  • ● Greater clarity around your ideas that you can actually put into action.
  • ● Setting the space for you to manifest the resources to implement your idea. 

This sacred space of co-creation is an intimate, safe environment with other conscious co-creators like you, who are visionaries and leaders, who are dedicated to their own continual evolution and to bringing bigger things into the world. Those who are open to bigger collaborations that could foster even bigger ideas within than where they started.

Because this is a virtual retreat, you get to do it from the comfort of your own space. The connection that is created is profound, far beyond what most people imagine is possible for a virtual experience. 

All this happens in this powerful space. It is why I am inviting you to join me for this Inspiration into Action Intensive Retreat

You will leave this virtual retreat with...

  • ● An acceleration of your creative process.
  • Sustained motivation and inspiration to take your idea and vision through the implementation process, so that you don’t lose steam. And that you know what to do when you “forget”.
  • ● Greater clarity around your idea and vision.
  • Inner knowing that you are now operating from a different space where inner direction is the norm.
  • ● Great certainty around your idea and the transformation it creates in the world once it’s implemented.
  • Excitement around the possibilities of collaborations that could exist (even a sense of new friends from the weekend!) 
  • ● A deep connection with your inner compass and a knowing that you are always able to access it. So that you don’t fall into fear or overwhelm.
  • ● The energetic wiring that is the foundation for co-creating with the field of Creative Intelligence. So that you never feel alone or that you must figure it all out by yourself. Because you don’t. 

This two-day Intensive Retreat includes:



9 AM4 PM

Mountain Time each day


NOTE: Class is limited to 20 people.

An important message from Laurie Seymour

It is my honor that you have come to this page to create and lay down the foundation of the quantum leaps necessary to take you through the most fluid and expansive journey of your life. When a project comes through you from the collective consciousness—the Quantum Creative Intelligence—it is not a just a homework assignment that you are taught in school to complete. It is an element of your purpose, and so has its own life-force energy, that needs your guidance, your nurturing, and your wisdom to pull it through and to manifest into real form.

This requires your commitment to your own evolutionary process while you are co-creating with the Universe. Your evolution goes hand-in-hand with the evolutionary process of your actual project.

This is what I’m here to do as your guide, your mentor, and your facilitator. To walk you gently, powerfully, and fluidly, through the process to bring forth the vibrational technologies you need that will strengthen your entire journey.

Join me for this two-day experiential sacred retreat that allows you not only to nourish your own soul but gives you the inner wiring to go from being a visionary whose ideas always seem to miss the perfect timing in the marketplace, to an effective leader, launching innovative solutions in the world in a workable timely way.

And it installs a calm with creation that you’ve never felt before, bypassing old training of “I can’t” or “it’s too big.”


Just as you weren’t looking for your big idea, but it showed up “on your doorstep”, if this is a space that calls to you, if it’s calling to you now, then listen to it. This is your Inner Compass pointing the way.

Through my decades of experience in facilitating transformational journeys and bringing new possibilities into being, I know this to be true: if this resonates with you, it’s usually because you are ready for new frequencies needed for your evolution, and in turn, for the bigger picture of what you are bringing into being. 

This is for you now, if your evolution is important to you, and you know that a purpose continues to evolve. Because the world keeps evolving. You know that if you stay put, and you don’t have the infrastructure to energetically continue to evolve, then you will run into challenges during the implementation process. You’ll run into timing issues, you’ll have details fall through the cracks, and you’ll be stopped by old fears.

The Inspiration into Action Intensive Retreat is a safe sacred space for you to energetically equip yourself to continually have these evolutionary upgrades.

About Your Guide

Two-time international #1 bestselling author, creator and host of the Wisdom Talk Radio podcast, Executive Coach, international trainer and speaker, Laurie Seymour, M.A., is the founder and CEO of The Baca Institute.

Over twenty years ago, Laurie was honored to receive the stewardship of a special energetic technology that accelerates the process of innovation and creation in individuals and groups.


My early training and practice as a psychotherapist developed my understanding about human design: how people are wired, how they think, and how they operate. Yet, I knew there was a whole other world of untapped potential and possibility, far more than what training, expertise, and knowledge alone gives you. I felt it in me, and I saw it being revealed repeatedly in my clients.

I spent 13 years as a Solutions Engineer in telecommunications, working with Fortune 100 companies like Google, Intel, Kaiser Permanente, LinkedIn, and the US Navy and the US Marine Corps. That developed my knowing that unexpected solutions exist and honed my ability to bring into being things that had not previously existed.

At the same time, my energy training and experience showed me that a vision is often far bigger than you expect. This helped me tap into the profound potential I had always known was available.

It took me to explore quantum physics and quantum leaps and the metaphysical side of life. I was guided to study with the teacher who brought through what became known as Turaya, and to spend 25 years of inner exploration and research, living aligned with these energies of Creative Intelligence that give direct access with Source.

Having been initiated as Turaya Grand Master, I hold the energetic technology within me to activate this direct connection for you.

It is a gift to work with people who are the big visionaries in the world, the co-creators, the people whose visions come from a higher source to advance evolution in the world.

I’m humbled that this is the unique package the universe has gifted me. I feel blessed and honored to use these gifts with my expertise and my guidance abilities to be able to support you in claiming your birthright.

It's time to stand with the whole of who you are

Your path and your purpose don’t unfold in a linear way, just as an idea never comes to you in two-dimensions.  An inspired vision comes to you in a download. It’s multi-dimensional. Afterwards, all the possibilities of what goes along with that can become overwhelming. 

When you work with these spaces, you’re always operating in the unknown, in an unexplored realm. As a human being, you must balance the energy of being powerful in your own right, with the ability to connect with and hold the frequencies that are coming through you. 

When you understand your journey, you will see that everything is related.

My own journey, with all its seemingly divergent paths, brought me to being an expert at helping you navigate your path forward. If I had not had my psychotherapy training, my work would not be as powerful. If I had never been a solutions engineer, I’d be missing crucial analytical aspects.

And if I took away my Initiation as Turaya Grand Master, well then, we could call it a day. Because that is the energetic essence that fuels the technology for your quantum leaps.

When you download a purpose-driven idea, you don’t take away any of what has gone before. They are part of the whole package. They are the steppingstones of what you will bring into the future.

Here is what happens as soon as you register.

When you commit to being part of the Inspiration into Action Intensive you automatically start to energetically connect, because you’re now part of a group energy field. And, the energy transmissions already start coming to you.  

During the space between now and when we have the retreat, these things might happen:

  • ● you might suddenly “stumble” in your forward movement and seem to be blocked. There is a new frequency that you need to move through. Just be patient. 
  • ● you might experience a big shift in “flow”, like an inflow of money and opportunities because of these new frequencies.
  • ● both/and!

These things can happen because you have committed to a higher vibrational frequency, and you are part of a group energy field. This energy field will keep evolving until we all come together collectively.

Please watch your email inbox. A week before we begin, I’ll send send you an email on how to best prepare for this time together.

If you would like the most fluid, conscious and evolutionary way to take a quantum leap, then I invite you into this transformational, experiential sacred space. 

This is the space for you.

I’m sure you have questions.

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