What if you had a way to reliably connect with your creative intelligence? Your own innate wisdom?

Are you longing....

to quiet your mind and live aligned with what is true for you?

Are you ready...

to get out of your own way and potentiate your innate wisdom?---your connection with Creative Intelligence?

Do you know...

there’s more to life but aren't sure how to live into it?

If you do, this is for you. Navigate life’s changes with greater clarity. Decision-making flows, fueling your conscious actions.

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Reach for inspiration when you want it. Open to the vast resources inside of you.


Includes 1 Video and 5 Audio Recordings

Each audio session includes a talk and a silent meditation session with Turaya energies.

Your Inspiration on Call Package Details:

VIDEO: Introduction to Turaya Meditation

AUDIO – The Value of Inner Silence +Meditation

AUDIO – The Art of Receiving + Meditation

AUDIO – The Power of Self-Love + Meditation

AUDIO – Your Attitude: Judgement and Gentleness + Meditation

AUDIO – From Distraction to Inspiration + Meditation

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