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Discover your Creative Innovator Style.
Why would you want to know that? Because trying to innovate in ways that fight your natural way of creating, could be what’s standing in the way of turning your ideas into reality.

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If You're here because...

I’m getting lost in my ideas! I'm struggling to focus

I'm stalled. My picture of what I want to create isn’t strong enough

Old habits are keeping me from moving forward

I’m working so many hours that I forget what my family looks like

I feel like I have to do everything myself

I don't know how to adapt my vision from life’s feedback

If this is you, I’m so glad that you are here! Because I help visionaries, founders and innovators bring their idea to life quickly by unlocking the barriers that hold them back. Using my unique co-creation technology, The Potentiation Process, you will be able to download fresh, original ideas and turn them into actionable steps making your dream a reality, AND realize a profit. Optimize your ability to create more in less time while enjoying every minute. 

“When you connect and align with creator energy, it feels like a union, even more than a partnership. You feel a palpable KNOWING, a peaceful clarity, and a sort of delightful humor about how easy creation can be."

What if  you could stay balanced while creating your vision?

What if   you could learn to create swiftly?

What if   you could launch your innovative solution in a workable, timely way?

What if   you had the tools to navigate smoothly through the challenges of creating your vision?

What if   you could communicate your picture to your team and receive ongoing support and follow-through?

It’s all possible! The first step? Schedule a complimentary call with me. Or, as I like to say, let’s have tea!

Let's Have Tea (Virtually)

How Can I Help You?

You see a need. And you have something to offer to the world in this precious moment on Planet Earth. Yet you feel the frustration of something that stands in your way of creating with the higher intelligence that belongs to you.

It’s time, isn’t it? Because you are ready to have greater ease in creating what is yours to create.

I offer an initial complimentary conversation. Let’s have tea! Enjoy a virtual cup with me as we discuss your ideas and determine the right next step to assist you in co-creating what is yours to do.

This work is particularly valuable for

Access to Creation

Have you ever had a great idea but not sure if it really "fits" you? As a visionary, you can see the idea as if it were sprinkled down from the universe, but sometimes there are so many of them! And you don't know which one to focus on. I can help you strengthen your access to creation energy, so that you can discern what is "yours to do". And then to do it.

Activate Your Action Plan

When you envision your idea, you have trouble seeing all the pieces needed to implement your creation. The beauty of The Potentiation Process is that it provides you with the tools to navigate through the challenges of creating your vision with dynamic confidence.

Perfect Timing

Sometimes it feels like a race to finish your creation, doesn’t it? Perfect timing can seem like a hard thing to envision when you are stuck. My work is designed to provide you with all the support you need to launch your innovative solution in a workable, timely way.

"When you are flowing in co-creation, new seedling ideas become projects faster, clearer and with more success. No longer are you stalled with ideas that seem grand, but have no place to go.”
"Organizations must pay attention to the deep Source of knowledge from which profound innovation occurs"
Joseph Jaworski

The Potentiation Process

The Potentiation Process allows you to download your new, original and best ideas, faster, easier and without freaking out your nervous system. It bypasses old patterns of “I can’t” or “it’s too big,” carving a pathway for your ideas to become reality with less resistance. And it installs a calm with creation that you’ve never felt before.

My unique co-creation technology system is approachable for the modern professional and has successful results that can be replicated.  It weaves cutting-edge research in quantum physics, consciousness and collective intelligence with my special brand of co-creative alchemy.

I know, this is heady stuff. And you might be thinking this sounds like magic. But if you’re intrigued, and game to find out more, click the button below.

Why Laurie? Why now?

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