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Activate Your Quantum Connection to Source and Live a Life of Joy and Abundance.

Are you a conscious business owner or visionary leader who is ready to connect with your inner guidance and create the life you want?

The first step is to discover your natural style of being, so that you align with your essence, your fundamental connection with the quantum field.

Because you have something the world needs now.


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If You're here because...

I’m lost in my ideas! I don't know how to see which one is right for me now

I keep attracting what I DON"T want

Old habits and thinking small keep me from moving forward

I don't know how to maintain my inner connection, so I don't feel consistent inner support

I feel alone, like I'm in "this" by myself

When I fall off track I don't know how to get back on

If this is you, I’m so glad that you are here! 

Do you feel like you have fallen off-track? Like something is getting in the way of you living your potential?

Are things showing up in your life that are the opposite of what you want?

You know what I mean… Things that don’t support you. Old habits and patterns showing up. Getting stuck.

If you aren’t getting the results that you want, it’s because of what’s happening on the inside. Let’s get your vibration back on track so that you align with what you really desire. 

I help conscious business owners and visionary leaders connect and align with their inner guidance from Source using my unique Quantum Connection process.

  • Clear blocks and limiting beliefs that get in your way
  • Align with your highest self — the “marriage” of self with Self
  • Receive clear guidance from Source so you always know your next step
  • Take inspired action that brings you to realizing your dreams…without burnout

Starting with my Inner Guidance Mastery Blueprint and then a quantum leap with Inspiration into Action, we will activate and amplify your connection with Source. The result? Inner peace, joyful abundance, and a thriving business and personal life.  It all begins with a Quantum Connection call with me.

“When you connect and align with creator energy, it feels like a union, even more than a partnership. You feel a palpable KNOWING, a peaceful clarity, and a sort of delightful humor about how easy creation can be."

5 steps to creating what you truly want in all areas of your life

Health • Relationships • Business • Career • Contribution • Impact • Finances

What if you could move beyond the old patterns that have been running your life?

What if you could dissolve self-doubt and feel confident in your decisions?

What if business was no longer a struggle?

What if you knew how to use inner guidance to navigate smoothly through challenges?

What if you could tap into your inner guidance on-call?

It’s all possible! The first step? Schedule a Quantum Connection call with me today.

Let's Have a Quantum Connection call

How can I help you?

You see a need. And you have something to offer to the world in this precious moment on Planet Earth. Yet you feel the frustration of the things that stand in your way of creating with the higher intelligence that belongs to you.

It’s time, isn’t it? Because you are ready to have greater peace, ease, and joy in each moment of your business and personal life.

Your ability to bring your vision into reality, in alignment with who you are and without burnout, is the missing piece. 

I offer an initial complimentary Quantum Connection call. We’ll look at the right next step for you to connect with Source at a deeper level than you thought you ever could.

This is what changes everything. 

Click the button below. I look forward to connecting with you.

This work is particularly valuable for Business owners who want

Clarity in Your Ideas

Have you ever had a great idea but not sure if it really "fits" you? As a visionary, you can see the idea as if it were sprinkled down from the universe, but sometimes there are so many of them! And you don't know which one to focus on. I can help you strengthen your access to creation energy, so that you can discern what is "yours to do". And then to do it.

Confidence to Activate Your Action Plan

When you envision your idea, you have trouble seeing all the pieces needed to implement your creation. The beauty of The Quantum Abundance Process is that it provides you with the tools to navigate through the challenges of creating your vision in flow with your inner guidance.

Right Timing

Sometimes it feels like a race to finish your creation, doesn’t it? Right timing can be a hard thing to envision when you are stuck. My work is designed to provide you with all the support you need to take each step along the way in a workable, timely, supported way.

"When you are flowing in co-creation, new seedling ideas become projects faster, clearer and with more success. No longer are you stalled with ideas that seem grand, but have no place to go.”
Explore where you can go when you are connected with your Co-Creative Source.

JOIN ME LIVE in Denver, Colorado!

Turaya Touch Level 1 Training

July 15-17, 2022

Turaya Touch© is a powerful hands-on energy system that works at the cellular level, helping you go beyond negative or nonproductive patterns so that you can know and live from the truth in your own heart. This dramatically enhances the way you relate to others, make choices, and take aligned action in every part of your life. This is how life is meant to work!

— Aligns you with the energies deep within you that have discernment and know truth

—Tap into universal knowledge and creative intelligence

— Helps you to heal and then maintain your health

— Ends cycles of physical and mental negative patterning

— Unlocks creativity in your work, your relationships and your personal expression

— Reconnects you with your inner guidance: the integral part of you that guides you from moment to moment, with unconditional love, throughout your life

Inner Guidance Mastery Blueprint

Activate your inner guidance for true clarity in your decisions, direction, and project creation.

*Inner Guidance is a refinement of and expansion beyond your intuition and gut instincts, that comes from your Quantum Connection with Source

Begins October 11, 2023

Inner Guidance Mastery Blueprint is a cutting-edge program based on Laurie’s decades of research and experience in creative intelligence, quantum physics, and consciousness. Having been initiated as Turaya Grand Master, Laurie holds the energetic technology to activate this direct Quantum Connection with your inner guidance.

Take a quantum leap into your co-creative power of expression
You have a big idea. Let’s make it real:


Inspiration into Action Intensive

2023 Dates To Be Announced

Activate the five elements of Co-creation to bring your idea into implementation in the most fluid, expansive, and evolutionary way.

  • Gain crystal clarity by aligning with your profound ability to discern and know the truth. (When you are guided from this source, doubt evaporates.)
  • Save time and effort in taking your idea from inspiration to action.
  • Sustain your inspiration and energy through to implementation.
  • Accelerate the process of co-creation in your work, your relationships, and your personal expression.

Exclusive Invitation to Conscious Creative Innovators Ready to Take a Quantum Leap in Your Evolution and Calling

Introducing: The Quantum Co-Creation Program - The most accelerated path to your calling’s fulfillment

The 2022 Program begins in May. Apply now.

The collective consciousness is rising where new frequencies are revealed. This has created a unique environment which boosts YOUR potential as you join forces with other creative innovators to be supported and collaborate in new and unprecedented ways.

In Quantum Co-creation, what seemed impossible on your own is suddenly EASIER in collaboration. Dreams become plans that become activated and realized: all because of a transformational community that is fueled by the new collective energetic frequencies.

When you work from a place of co-creation with these new vibrational frequencies as well as with a dynamic circle of innovators, you go from big ideas to creating something that’s never existed before with GREATER IMPACT.

Imagine being part of a safe, intimate community of soul-led innovators in an environment where inspiration, collaboration, and manifestation are amplified and accelerated.

The world changes only when your BIG idea becomes a reality

  • ∗ You will be guided to go deeper in your own inner journey
  • ∗ You will be supported on the ideas that the universe chose YOU to deliver into fruition
  • ∗ You will tap into the new vibrational frequencies of the collective consciousness to accelerate the manifestation of EVERYTHING you need to bring your ideas to fulfillment
  • ∗ You will discover unique collaborations with other creative innovators that elevate and expand your ideas.
  • ∗ You will stay connected to your ideas and the right soul action – even when doubts show up.
  • ∗ You will always know which idea to choose to fulfill amongst the many downloads you experience.

The Potentiation Process

The Potentiation Process allows you to download your new, original and best ideas, faster, easier and without freaking out your nervous system. It bypasses old patterns of “I can’t” or “it’s too big,” carving a pathway for your ideas to become reality with less resistance. And it installs a calm with creation that you’ve never felt before.

My unique co-creation technology system is approachable for the modern professional and has successful results that can be replicated.  It weaves cutting-edge research in quantum physics, consciousness and collective intelligence with my special brand of co-creative alchemy.

I know, this is heady stuff. And you might be thinking this sounds like magic. But if you’re intrigued, and game to find out more, click the button below.

Why Laurie? Why now?

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Curious to learn more?

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Have you been hearing an inner call, a sensing that there is more for you to create in your life? 

Like it’s finally time for you? You are ready to grow your magnificent inner relationship. This inner relationship allows you to live life with greater joy and clarity. To make choices that feel aligned with who you are and to take action where needed. To realize your dreams and ideas. Yet it can be difficult to actually sit down and get quiet enough to listen inside, even when you know it’s important. Because life presents so many opportunities for distraction! This is where Turaya Meditation© Live Online comes in.

How is Turaya Meditation© different?

Turaya Meditation© allows you to connect with your physical body and your inner self so that more of your creative potential and deeper truth is revealed to you. During the meditation time, energy transmissions are made available through Laurie’s use of higher consciousness energy symbols. This accelerates you more easily entering a deeper level of relaxation and stillness. And, it opens and deepens your connection with your creative intelligence.

Even when you can’t make it to the live session, you still receive the energy transmissions.

With Turaya Meditation© Live Online Drop-in Sessions, you have to opportunity to share your experience with others. In most group meditation sessions you never have a chance to express your heart in this way, nor to hear others’ share themselves. Participants say this enriches their experience, deepening the process of self-discovery.

Meditating with others brings an expanded quality and energy to your solo practice. A transformational force emerges when we come together to plumb the inner silence and receive new frequencies. Our individual clarity collectively transforms our environment. 

It transforms the world.

"I’ve been a very active participant in Laurie’s Turaya Meditation session for several years, and I’ve been experiencing profound changes, both inwardly and outwardly. The Turaya Energies and Laurie’s work with them creates a safe sacredness that supports me as I grow into and welcome who I truly am. I’ve let go of earlier experiences where I played “small” and didn’t fully embrace who I am and the work I’m meant to do in this world. I can’t imagine why everyone wouldn’t want to be with Laurie in Turaya Meditation.” ~ Kathy Sparrow, Literary Midwife.


Teresa de Grosbois, Chair, Evolutionary Business Council

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