[015] How to Re-Connect with Your Inner Guidance: Interview with Laurie Seymour

Every day in my coaching practice I realize that people tend to be more and more disconnected with their inner selves and inner guidance. We tend to look for our happiness, satisfaction, reward, success outside of ourselves and when we are not working we are in front of a display, be it a TV screen, a computer or a smartphone. And I bet that a part from a quick glimpse at the sky in the morning to see whether or not you should take an umbrella with you, most people hardly take the time to feel the breeze on their face, or listen to the birds chirping, appreciate the beauty that surrounds them. And how many of us take the time to explore how you feel when you are about to make important decisions…. I bet not many.

Is intuition important in your professional life? How can we reconnect with our inner self? To answer these and other important questions I have a special guest in today’s episode is Laurie Seymour. A former psycotherapist, she is a mentor/guide, provocative speaker and #1 best-selling author andknows that life’s deepest answers shine through when you get quiet and connect with your inner resources.  Laurie is  the founder of  The Baca Journey,inspiring and igniting people to claim the resonance of their own wisdom, co-host of the popular podcast, Wisdom Talk Radio, creator of the  Compass Within online program, where she teaches people how to create a lasting relationship with their inner guidance. Laurie also facilitates a connected community through her weekly video Turaya Meditation Live Online sessions that bring together people from around the world to experience their inner gifts.

This is what we’ll cover:

Links for this Episode:

Laurie’s Website: www.thebacainstitute.com

Laurie on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheBacaJourney/

Laurie on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/laurieseymour/

Laurie on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheBacaJourney

Laurie’s Podcast: http://wisdomtalkradio.podbean.com/

Turaya Touch Class in France 13-15 March: https://thebacainstitute.com/turaya-touch-france/

Prosperity on Air on iTunes

Now it’s your turn! Do you connect with your inner compass to create what you desire in your life?

Remember to share as much detail as possible in your comments: many people come here every week for inspiration and advice, so I encourage you to share your thoughts. Your experience and insights may inspire and trigger a meaningful change for someone else. And if you have someone in your life who could benefit from this podcast, share this post with them – they’ll thank you for it.

Thank you for listening!

To your success and prosperity

Paola Devescovi

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