From Self-Doubt to Self-Love
By Laurie Seymour

Find Your Voice, Change Your Life

Today’s Guest: Laurie Seymour

Today, I interview Laurie Seymour whose father was her best friend. Growing up with three brothers, she confided in her father and he was her sounding board and source of encouragement. When he died she was still quite young, and her mother was forced to pick up the pieces, struggling with overwhelming new emotional and financial stresses.

Laurie was often left out of the equation. She just didn’t fit, and there wasn’t much time for her. She retreated within herself, only allowing some parts of herself to be seen in the world. During her childhood, Laurie was a good student and was known to be very intelligent, as evidenced by her work and her confidence in front of the class. She had lots of good experiences but never allowed them to become a part of her life and her story– never really embracing her life. Losing her father had caused a lack of stability in her life, and those feelings of doubt turned into self-doubt for her.

After a journey through college and even becoming a therapist herself, Laurie eventually encountered a teacher with whom she had an “energetic experience”. This allowed her to finally open up and reconnect to her self-love. She felt a deep connection to her own existence, and it allowed some of those gaps in her mind and heart to come together. Laurie now practices mindfulness, staying in the present and focusing on the truth. She no longer gives self-doubt her time or attention because it has no productive value for her. Today, she teaches others how to tap into their own inner energy and harness it for guidance and stability.

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