How to activate Creative intelligence in your teams

The Humanist spoke to Laurie Seymour – Quantum Connection Mentor , the CEO of The Baca Institute

I was honoured to have met her through The Octopus Movement and have her on my podcast.

I was curious about the work she did with tech founders and creatives, to tap into their inner guidance and their creative intelligence.

Her story is inspiring and her work even more so.

She was a Solutions architect in technology, and having a creative side to her brought #innovation to forefront. She resides in Denver, and it is truly the hub of innovation, a perfect place for a guide like herself

In our system centric corporate world, while innovation is a desired line item, it rarely is truly innovation.

True innovation, like the Apple IPhone, that changes the trajectory of #humans can only happen when you cocreate with a higher intelligence.

Laurie exemplifies this, and we spoke about how to bridge the gap between tech systems thinking and creative thinking, how AI is a tool that can be used to cocreate faster than ever, and innovate faster than ever.

We spoke about the importance of curiosity and a calm knowing that fosters world changing innovation.

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