How To Create an Inner Guidance Business Blueprint with Laurie Seymour
By Laurie Seymour

Today on Asked and Answered by Soul, Jennifer Urezzio and Laurie Seymour, Baca Institute founder and Wisdom Talk Radio podcast host, have an engaging conversation about inner guidance, feeling connected, and how we can utilize that to support ourselves and our business. When we pay attention and practice discernment we learn to be open and curious about the quantum energetic field available to us.

Listen in today as Jennifer and Laurie share thoughts and ideas for tapping into our creative intelligence, and feeling and experiencing a genuine and tangible connection. Inner guidance starts with you – the universe is by it’s nature a connected universe . . . you are part of that and connected to all that is, so breathe that in and receive it.

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About Laurie Seymour

Laurie Seymour, Quantum Connection Mentor, 2x international #1 best-selling author, and founder/CEO of The Baca Institute, is internationally known as the source for Source. She helps visionary leaders and conscious business owners shift their vibration for more energy, focus, inspiration, and joy in their business and personal lives, leading to streamlined project creation and implementation and financial abundance. Laurie is also the host of the Wisdom Talk Radio podcast.

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