Act 2: You’re On! Knowing Your Purpose is Essential, with Laurie Seymour
By Laurie Seymour

Go from dreaming to doing by dismantling self-doubt and getting clarity on your own purpose.

Laurie Seymour is a number one bestselling author, host of the Wisdom Talk Radio Podcast, executive coach, international trainer, and speaker. Laurie Seymour brings together years of psychotherapy, training, practice, and technical solution engineering to teach you how to reliably connect with your energetic creative intelligence, dissolving old patterns of difficulties, struggle, and self-sabotage. Laurie shares how you can fast-track your vision from idea to manifestation.You will hear from Laurie:

How using creative intelligence helps you align with your true purpose.

Connecting to your own “inner compass” is the key to actualizing your goals. What is essential to take your vision into action.”Knowing our purpose is what gives life to an idea.” – Laurie Seymour

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