Laurie Seymour Helping the World Find a Positive Outlook One Quanta at a Time

Laurie Seymour a two time international best selling Author, host of wisdom talk radio, executive international trainer and speaker is the founder and CEO of the Baca Institute. She has dedicated her life to show you how to reliably connect with your energetic creative intelligence, dissolving old patterns of struggle and self sabotage. 20 years ago Laurie is honoured to receive the stewardship of a special energy technology and has since then she has worked with over 1000 people and it take out the base with replicatable results and the system that is approachable and empathic, fully suited to the modern professional at the limits of central courage, first as a psychotherapist trainer, and then as a solutions engineer in the telecom industry. Laurie founded the Baca to honor that 25 years of internet research. She and a small group of intrepid explorers did in exploring human potential by activating new energy systems.

What got Laurie started on her path

We were talking about changing mindset. And you know, those things that go deeper than what you think and I put in my tool belt or in my pocket to try and do something. Why my mind work? Oh boy, it has evolved over decades. I was originally drawn to being a psychotherapist. Because what I was most interested in is and didn’t know how to discover was what’s possible for us. What’s our potential what, what can we be who we really are? How can we be fully who We are and more in, show up in the world in ways that that are creative, you know that that bring that creativity into real focus and into solving the problems of the world. So I want to say so speak, but no, really. And then yeah, and psychology seemed to be at least for me the starting place for that and it was what I could find. And at some point, that was limiting me I felt like, the more we excavate, the more we stay in that role of excavating and we’re not in discovery. We’re not in activating what’s possible for us and through a lot of different experiences working with a lot of different teachers and processes and methods and reading and study and research there Was it one one teacher who I was really drawn to it not only to work with for many, many years, but my own experience of doing the work that she was about changed everything in my life. And it it opened the the inner doors within me in ways that none of the other books I’ve ever done and I’ve done a lot in my degree was in humanistic psychology I taught at Naropa Institute and in the transpersonal psychology. This really opened me up continually over the next two decades really in my life and beyond to that, that which I hit they’re longing to discover that will take them wanting to connect with and to feeling that sense of of interconnection and outer connection. My work is about raising the vibration, helping people raise their own vibration because they doing that. That’s where they start to draw to them. Those things that they want. They want more profit in their business. They want better clients. They want peace of heart. They want to have more time or more time freedom to deal with a really normal and how we get that how we draw that to us is by virtue of racing one’s whole frequency. That was what led me into starting to research around quantum physics and the quantum universe. That’s why I call my process and it is a very specialized process of the quantum connector connection process.

Listen here to the rest of What Laurie has to say.

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