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Laurie Seymour is a Quantum Connection Mentor, two-time #1 best-selling author, Certified Master Trainer, international speaker, and CEO of the Baca Institute. She also hosts the Wisdom Talk Radio podcast.

For over 30 years Laurie has worked with visionaries, innovators, conscious entrepreneurs, and thought leaders to refine their intuition and gut instincts into a reliable and sustaining inner compass resource so that they can make their big idea real in the most fluid, expansive, and evolutionary way.

Her unusual career path started as a psychotherapist, consultant, and trainer, and then as a technical solutions engineer, to help access and activate your innate creative intelligence—your Quantum Connection. This mix of wisdom and experience allows Laurie to activate this direct connection for you.

When your brilliance is able to shine in the world, that’s when the world becomes what we envision as possible.

Trusting your intuition is a vital part of success

Laurie Seymour highlighted the importance of trusting one’s intuition and how it can lead to success in life and business. It was only when she learned to trust her intuition that she was able to overcome her self-doubt and fear.

The conversation shifted to the significance of feeling connected to something bigger and the need to maintain that connection and how it changes the process and experience once people start looking inward.

Curiosity is a key factor in innovation and creativity

Then we went deep on the topic of curiosity and how it opens doors to everything and leads to a better understanding of complex situations. Curiosity is essential in exploring new ideas and helps in creating a successful business.

The role of breathing in connection and reconnection

Laurie shared that the role of conscious breathing is critical in fostering connection and reconnection. It can be as simple as taking a conscious breath. She took the audience through a brief exercise of imagining the breath connecting as light as you breathe it into your heart center. This practice, she explained, helps us reconnect and get back into the feeling that we knew about. The audience loved it and chimed in with their experiences.

The importance of self-forgiveness and not judging oneself

Being gentle with oneself and not falling into the trap of self-judgment is empowering. Laurie suggested that instead of judging oneself for forgetting or making a mistake, it’s better to be curious and explore how to reconnect and learn from the situation.

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