We’re here to Elevate, not Separate


The political conversation has now officially become a diatribe. We, the people, are being bombarded with messages of separation and isolation.

There can be no truth found in those places.

We can sink into the muck of divisiveness. Or we can listen for voices that elevate.

ELEVATE—that’s it.

Our spirit wants to elevate, not deflate. Or conflate with lies so it sounds like truth;

only the message is meant to separate.

Labels, by definition, divide. How can they be true? They do not relate to the essence of who we are.

They only dictate, and inflate. Fan the flames of hate.


For the TRUTH is

That we are here, in this world, to create. In order to create we need to lift

ourselves and one another.

To open, unite and claim our dreams.

Because that is how we will remember. who. we. truly. are.



Prince Ea: I Am NOT Black, You are NOT White. 

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6 Responses

  1. I love this blog and the message about being uplifted rather than loosing ourselves in the negativity of the current messages of separation, hate and divisiveness currently promoted in politics. We can make a choice of what energy we feed in our lives and what we give our attention to. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  2. This is a really great post. Our differences and “labels” should separate us but connect us. The simplest example comes from our body. We still have lungs and heart for example. Consider those as “labels”. The heart is still a heart and lungs are still lungs with their own “job” in our bodies yet they connect and work together for the greater good: to make our body work. Keep it up with the wonderful work!


  3. Your message in on target. It is very difficult to stifle the part of me that does want to fight and win. Now, I need to learn a new way to deal with a new set of circumstances. Thanks for bringing this message forward.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Roy. It seems to me that we are always having to learn new ways to be with an ever-changing circumstances.

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