What If You Spent Time Each Evening to Acknowledge Your Day?

memoryWe have an incredible memory! We store both good and bad situations as we replay our experiences. Our natural tendency is to relive our life experiences over and over, until we adjust to the impact. Yet why choose to memorialize bad situations?

I hear loved ones and friends discuss their challenging lives. As they share their challenges, repeating the latest stumbling block and how it is damaging their life, the act of sharing embeds the memory into their life force. The emotion reinforces the story and builds a fortress of victimization. What started as a snowball becomes an avalanche and we fail to recognize the learning that took place.

Our lives are meant to be celebrated! When we take the time to listen and to question our experiences, the learning begins. We acknowledge our thoughts and actions, responsibly addressing what has occurred. Emotions are left behind. Emotion creates blockages and restrictions to our life force. It does not enhance our feelings of growth and freedom.

You can align learning with growth by acknowledging your day. Focus your attention on what you have learned. Take responsibility for the “personality faux pas” that removed you from the ease of the day. Take a stand to be honest with your life and forgive your destructive thoughts, so that you can begin to celebrate your incredible daily life. Why spend a moment in a funk when you can move the energy within you to embrace what has happened? Be ruthless and responsible with your inner dialogue and review of past events so that you can determine what you have learned.

sunsetYour body and mind house memories of your day to day experiences. Doesn’t it make sense to feel the release of tension, frustration and expectation, nurturing and replenishing your life force with relaxation and gentleness?

Each day, each month, each year is an incredible accumulation of experiences that move you forward and allow you to experience life more fully. We learn, we grow, and we change. We are evolving every day. We are fulfilling a promise when we choose to participate in life. Acknowledgement opens the door for evolution, while celebration nurtures our body, our focus and our desire to build and create. We receive the most when we acknowledge ourselves.

flagsThe July 4th holiday is our time in the United States to celebrate our independence, freedom and discover our dreams. In 1776 our nation was in its infancy and a dream set our present life into motion. Reflecting on our creations and taking action to manifest our dreams has developed the foundation of our life. If an adjustment is needed, take action. Acknowledge the changes and let the doors open to your next experience. Life depends on how you participate. Your participation in life is reinforced when you acknowledge what has occurred. Each acknowledgment builds lasting memories in our body while it opens the door for the next manifestation to occur.

Life may be a mystery. As you focus, acknowledge and celebrate, you receive more of who you are and what you have accomplished. You are poised to receive life’s next step.

How often do you take time to review and acknowledge what you’ve learned over time? What if you noticed how far you have come in life? What if you were to make this a daily ritual?

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