Guest Post: “Take a Chance on You,” by Sheila Callaham

Enjoy this guest post from my delightful and insightful friend, Sheila Callaham.  Be sure to take a look at her young adult fiction, too.  I’ve loved her Wells Worthy Adventure Series!

Take a Chance on You

by Sheila Callaham

meditation jan 23Have you ever wondered when some random acquaintance would give you a big break — the one that would catapult you to your best vision of yourself? Perhaps you are looking for that perfect job, with a corner office and tons of respect. Maybe you’re looking for that amazing book deal, with a major publishing house, and you need the right agent to make that happen. Or, maybe you’re wondering why the love of your life hasn’t yet shown up yet, and you’ve almost given up. Whatever your dream, one thing is true: only you can make it real. That means you have to take a chance on you.

A Releasing Ceremony

If you are always first to tell friends and family to “go for it” when they share their dreams, yet you hold back on giving yourself the same level of support and encouragement, then it’s time to consider what holds you back. Once you’ve identified the resistance, it’s critical to let it go.

Setting time aside for “purposeful release” is a great way to set the stage for moving forward. This process guides you through a calming, cleansing energetic release so you can find your balance and easily move forward.

  1. Find a quiet place where you can sit without interruption and play this six-minute facilitated cleansing meditation. Click here for “Releasing Meditation”
  2. After the meditation close your eyes, breathe several times deeply. Express your gratitude for the release you just experienced. Feel your energy expanding outside of your body. Now turn your mind inward and ask to connect with your inner divine. When you feel your spirit expanding, express gratitude for the connection, the love, the never-ending support.
  3. In a communion with your inner divine, ask what you can do to support and advance your dreams. Whatever responses bubble up, do not question; rather, accept them with openness and gratitude. Ask for guidance on the first step. Even if you don’t get an immediate response, express gratitude for the answer, for it will appear in perfect time.
  4. Finally, examine your body for any feeling of tightness. If you experience pain or discomfort, ask your inner divine to show you what resistance is remaining. Breathe into the resistance, even if you don’t fully understand what it may be. Feel yourself release it.
  5. In closing, express gratitude for your divine guidance. Take three final cleansing breaths and open your eyes.

Now is the perfect time for releasing resistance and starting anew. After all, it’s high time you took a chance on you!

~   ~   ~

Sheila Callaham head shot_Jan2015Sheila Callaham left a corporate career and big bucks to follow her passion for writing and inspiring others to live their dreams. She is the author of seven books and blogs weekly on Her latest book, “The Power of Living Joyfully: Your Guide to Setting and Achieving Goals that Enrich Your Life” ensures readers are connecting to the right goals and moving forward with confidence.

Subscribe to her newsletter at her website, connect with her on Facebook, or tweet it up with her @SheilaCallaham.


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