Awakening Your Inner Wisdom with Laurie Seymour

Today on Extraordinary Women Radio, I am happy to introduce you to Laurie Seymour, a 2x #1 best-selling author, founder and host of the Wisdom Talk Radio podcast, Executive Coach, international speaker and trainer and Founder/CEO of The Baca Institute.

In this Episode:

Over twenty years ago, Laurie was honored to receive the stewardship of a special esoteric technology that accelerates the process of innovation and creation in individuals and groups. Since then she has worked with over one thousand people, and the technology has now reached a place where she has replicable results, and a system that is approachable and elegantly suited to the modern professional.

Her work is particularly valuable for professional innovators: thought leaders, product designers, company founders; because the work accelerates the time from ideation to implementation and revenue, while also opening the innovator to new levels of confidence, peace and satisfaction.

Laurie can also be found as a writer on The Huffington Post, The Elephant Journal , Positively Positive, One Wise Life and

She is a contributing author in the Amazon #1 Best-Seller, The Wisdom of Midlife Women 2 and the Amazon #1 International Best-Seller, 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul.

“We can’t do any of the creation we want to do if we are separated from ourselves.” —Laurie Seymour

Discover more about Laurie’s works and passion on her website The Baca Institute.

You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Let’s meet Laurie Seymour!

Laurie Seymour Show Notes

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