What if every situation in life were new?

Life LessonsLife presents us with unlimited opportunities to learn on a daily basis.  No day is the same, just as each sunrise and sunset are different. I wake most mornings to see the sunrise and the beautiful array of colors as the light reflects on the cloud formations. The evening presents me with another experience when the sun sets.

I look forward to these times of day and never have regarded any sunrise or sunset as the same. I value the difference and appreciate the beauty of this experience every day.

Unfortunately, I do not extend this interpretation to other weather like oppressive, hot, humid summer days or cloudy, freezing winter days.  I do not have the same embrace of nature when they arrive. Then my focus becomes how uncomfortable I am. I make statements that remove me from the present, like, “when are they going to end?”!

Life Lessons

If I embraced those days with the amazement of the sunrise, my judgments of summer and winter would disappear.

Applying this awareness to everyday life situations leads me to the question I have posed. Could the different situations that appear similar, in fact be a growth tool to eliminate our patterns? Too often we operate from a place where day-to-day life is based on previous life experience.  When we embrace life from this perspective, we base our lives on the past.  Life becomes stale, predictable and stagnant.  We wait for a new encounter or situation to expand our foundation of past experience, choosing what to add to our memory bank.  Thus, we take old information, selectively merge it with new information and store it until the next similar situation arises.

Rarely do we work from new information or approach life from a new perspective.

Looking at our careers is always a way of reviewing how we work with life. It’s easier because we can detach from our careers and view our work lives more objectively. Work may be redundant, predictable, stale or slow or unpredictable and dynamic. This perspective modulates based on our outlook and attitude.  If we feel victimized by our life situation, we feel there are no choices. Quite simply life is stuck in an endless loop of muck and mire!

for sale 2 14 13 LeonThe joy in my real estate career is often found in the variety of my clients and their personalities, desires and goals.  Each client communicates differently, which requires me to listen closely and often read between the lines.  I work with my feeling world and deductive reasoning, using each home we visit or the home I am planning to list, as an educational opportunity to bring my clients to clarity. To work effectively, I have to be prepared.  I am constantly researching the market to know the inventory.  When I market a property, I do not use canned write ups; I take into account the property’s enhancements and uniqueness.  This is my way of working with what is new.  The feedback from my clients always lets me know where we are in providing information.  Still, I put myself under a microscope asking, “Does my approach allow room for what is new to emerge?” Clearly, I have to address this with each Seller and Buyer!

Do You Have the Desire for Change?

Life LessonsLife can be broken down into many facets, situations and relationships. Our personal nature or makeup is framed by our thoughts: who we are, what we do, how we do it and most of all what we want. The strength of our patterns frame what we think of ourselves, what we do and how we do it. Our natural influence is set with boundaries. That is, unless we are willing to do more research, recognize the patterning and rise above it with awareness and care.

We have to want to make changes.

Relationships with friends, family, social encounters or interactions with our pets, each carry their own set of circumstances.  Each relationship has its own level of intimacy. The closer the relationship the more likely our patterns define the fabric of the interactions.   Aren’t the easiest relationships those that align with our thoughts and patterns?  What about the relationships that challenge us? Is there information being given to us that we do not hear or accept? Do we feel the same freedom in each relationship?

I find when new information reveals itself, there is a feeling of excitement and wonderment.  I am constantly amazed when a thought comes to mind that had not occurred to me before!

dancing 2 14 13 LeonIf life were new every day we would have little expectation, fear or anxiety.  We would approach life from a different perspective. We would be in a state of consciousness where the new dynamic would be active instead of sedentary.  Our active relationship with life would be a source of creation. This new expression would keep us present and actively engaged. We would operate from the present moment knowing change is occurring as we speak, think and act.

Life would truly be a dance!

~     ~     ~     ~     ~

** Photo above: photo credit: jjay69 via photopin cc



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