Your Soul Mission: a Conversation with Dr. Paul Hannah

In my own journey, remembering the truth of who I am has been the foundation for living my purpose. In the 35 years that I have been teaching and mentoring others, facilitating this remembrance has been the quantum leap that brings everything else that people say that they want: abundance, love, joy, health, sense of purpose, clarity, ease. My guest today is all about going beyond what we thought we knew, to claim the fullness of what is possible. Stay tuned!

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About Featured Guest

At the age of 12, while walking in the woods, Paul Hannah had his first mystical experience, four words were that were spoken to him from a voice beyond his own—ASPIRE, DETACH, WISDOM, LOVE. They became his credo—always aspire to be better; observe with detachment rather than become entangled or invested in an outcome, and from material things; seek wisdom always, and live with unconditional love for oneself and for all. Today, as a speaker, author, healer, and master teacher, he strives to educate people about their own ability to cleanse toxic thinking and stuck emotions to achieve a new level of energetic and spiritual awareness.

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