Use Your Inner Compass to Point the Way Forward

Wouldn’t it be great to have an inner compass to relay on, something that could show you when you need to change direction? And when you should stay the course?

Yes, there are moments in life where change is thrust upon you, pushing and stretching you beyond your known world. Then there are the moments you decide to make a change because you want something different. You’re uncomfortable with the status quo. Or simply feeling complete with what is.

When you change course, what do you use as a guidance system? How do you make course corrections?

  • Are you so afraid of making mistakes that you get immobilized, fearful of where to place your feet?
  • Do you make random changes because you only know that you want something different?

It would be great to know how to work with the opportunities inherent within any change. Because they are there waiting for you.

Your Inner Compass Points the Way

inner compassIn fact, you do have a system for orienting through life. It acts as your inner compass. It lives within you, ready to show you the way forward. This inner source reveals itself to you first through your body awareness. As you develop sensitivity to the language of the body, you begin to trust what it brings to light. You notice which thoughts or actions cause your body to tighten and where you feel at ease. With that awareness, you learn to ask the questions to help interpret and refine the input from your body, determining the appropriate direction and timing of your steps.

There is a feeling that fills the body when you arrive at the truth of a particular moment in time. It’s as if the pieces of the puzzle fall into place with a sweet inner sigh of knowing. As you become familiar with this feeling, you can seek it out as your touchstone for moving through life.

This is your inner compass in action. Don’t wait another moment to connect with it even more deeply than you thought possible!

Take time for reflection

Take a breath. Release it. Take another. Devote some dedicated time of concentration/meditation. It doesn’t need to be hours of quiet, perhaps only 15 minutes. Then allow the question to simmer within you. Let responses bubble up into your awareness. Notice new ways of thinking, of images or ideas that arise spontaneously. Pay attention to your dreams. Let it happen. Be aware. See where it leads you next. Let yourself savor this process of receiving from yourself. Don’t judge whatever comes up, just receive it. Make notes.

You may want to share something from this process. Sharing anchors insight in your body. It leads you to deeper insight. It stimulates action. Feel free to use this arena to share whatever moves you!

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