What if you viewed making change as opportunity for your next step?

Making Change: To give a completely different form or appearance to; transform

Opportunity: A set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.

crossroads paths 3 15 13My slogan this week to keep my humor was: “What do I want to do when I grow up and where do I want to do it!” I can still say, I do not know the answer.

Making change can be one of the greatest upsets we have in our lives.  While there are changes occurring everyday, our attitude and approach to change can influence how we adjust.

The victim takes the position of “just when we are comfortable and feel settled, life changes!” Can you hear the tone?  Do you feel the defeatist approach? Perhaps this dramatic remark presents us with the way we work with situations that are out of our control.

When making change, you can either occupy your mind with fear or go beyond fear and look at the opportunity facing you.

As you age, the future plans itself without warning. I am rapidly becoming the older generation in my family as my parents prepare for their transition. I may not like the situation, but this aspect of life is inevitable.

You have family who are now younger than you and you likely have an extended family. Whether you like it or not, your life is transforming.

Over the past few months I have been experiencing life changing events that have completely altered my world. My company just announced that it’s been sold. In my experience, when a company is sold, things change. There are good aspects and some not so good aspects. The reality is that life will continue to change until the culture finds its equilibrium. At this point, the greatest taskmaster is the unknown! You have choice in your response. You can listen to the fear within yourself and within co-workers. You can choose to let life unfold before drawing your own conclusions, and let the unknown come to the surface.

Or you can make the choice to venture out into the world to begin another venture.

Making Change Your Friend

dream stars 3 15 2013In my case it is an opportunity to dream and choose my next step.  I can continue my work with the same company, select a different company or I can relocate. Each situation involves rebuilding. You rebuild your life everyday in small ways, especially when you take time to review your day. Taking time to do this allows you to share your daily accomplishments and celebrate change.

You can let life unfold, allowing the next phase to reveal itself.

Facing change and letting go of inhibition allows opportunities to present themselves. At age 58+ I am in the throes of making changes that will determine and define the next phase of my life. It always seems my life changes everywhere when I make major decisions. At times like this there is a concerned, doubting person within me that emerges. My emotions and fears creep in. I require extra work in attending to my thoughts.

As I reflect on my past, I recognize that all my major changes have worked out well.  When I am willing, I can take time to dream, taking into account my ideal situation and what is influencing my pictures.  What a perfect time to sit and write this article as I am sensitized and uncomfortable!

Yet, when I look beyond the fear, these changes are coming no matter how I resist them!

I feel them deeply.  I have to trust what is unfolding and manage my thoughts. I know my resistance reflects my worries about the future. These fears range from the daunting task of relocating my life to discussing this change with my 81 year old mother.

Nevertheless, I know this is my next step.  I will be leaving behind a life that seems well settled to others. But I feel change coming just around the corner.

Complete and Moving Forward

As I reflect on the events leading up to these changes, I feel a sense of completeness that allows the doors to the future to open. I have already acknowledged this about the place in which I live and the business I have developed over the past 12 years.

Each day a bit more is revealed. There are opportunities that lie ahead and the fears will not overshadow my dreams and tasks. I quiet the fears and explore. The drive within me has more clarity than the fears of change my mind fabricates. With the past complete, can I trust my inner guidance?

You bet!

Don’t you feel a sense of clarity when you know your pictures? Do you measure the pictures in relation to what you think you can do?  Are you comfortable with what you know you have to do?

What happens when the unknown takes over?  Begin to trust your feelings and your inner compass!




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