Changes… Changes… Changes. There are always more.

There are major changes in life occurring for me as I write.

Early this year I could feel a time of change was upon me. I never quite know how to explain it, but I can feel it coming!  I never know who, what, when or where—I just know! Past experiences have shown me that when big changes occur, they affect all areas of my life. So far this year of change has been a completion of the past and the beginning of a new book of life.

Changes Multiply

changesChanges come in all shapes and sizes: a major move; loss of a loved one; retirement; loss of a job; loss of a home; illness; job relocation, the sale of a company. Each of these represents change that impacts us in profound ways.

Often we experience multiple changes at the same time. This becomes a turning point in our life. Turning points can generate feelings of discomfort, turmoil, confusion and upset, all leading to the opportunity to explore and build a new life.

You can select almost any combination from the list above and it addresses my life circumstances this year. Since mid-March I have felt the push to relocate my home from the Philadelphia area to Florida. I purchased a home (not a condo for frequent visits, as I first thought) in August of 2012. This alone could have been a clue that a move was coming!  It was not until March of 2013 that I realized the move was going to be this year.

And More

Just over 2 years ago, I lost my father. The change for my mother was earth shattering.  I have watched my mother grow as her independence grew. Last week she decided her next step was to move into assisted living. Last year I vowed it was the last year of my real estate career! This year I have been winding down a successful career into my own form of retirement.

Then, just 10 days ago, I lost my brother over night to a massive stroke!

Yes, for me this is the year of major change.

changesSome nights I sleep, but most get interrupted. It is not that my mind is racing, because I am an organized person. My body knows this feeling.  And I know that my body will calm down once these transitions settle.

My life will have a new norm in a new location, with a new work perspective and a void within that remains to be filled.

Empty Space

It is normal to feel a sense of loss.  It is normal to feel displaced.  And it is normal to feel anxiety.  The trick is to focus on the tasks immediately at hand and make a concerted effort to keep the void within—that empty space—clear.  It is our tendency to fill the void with fear and worry. This only accentuates our discomfort.

open door twoRemembering that the void is present within me, I choose to acknowledge the joy and learning each aspect of change has provided in the past. 

The feeling of acknowledgment keeps me clear and full of gratitude. I add a strong dash of trust to the mixture, knowing all changes in the past have led me not only through the past, but have been instrumental in my growth and feeling of well-being.

Furniture Dreams

It seems for the first time in my life that past obligations are being stripped away. Each cloud has its silver lining and the doors of my life are opening to freedom. The list of tasks to prepare for these changes is heavily occupying my days and the visions of furniture placement sometimes wake me. I have noticed the visions keep changing as the ideas begin to take shape.

Like every previous life changing experience, I will not know its impact until the dust settles! What I know is that life is grand and mysterious. The unfolding of my life changes will force open the doors of opportunity. I will meet new people while savoring the relationships built in the past.

I carry a legacy of life everywhere I go.



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3 Responses

  1. Dear Leon,

    Thank you for such a wonderful article. I am going through changes in my life and you have put into words delightful insights which will help me greatly.

    Heartfelt sympathies for the passing of your dear brother ♥.
    Je t’aime,
    Marie Ange

  2. I am deeply sorry to hear that you lost your brother. But your vision and excitment for the future is inspiring. I am very happy for your steps into a new and wonderful journey! Much love, Lynell

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