How to use reflection to open doors to greater clarity (and change your life)


Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.
― Søren Kierkegaard

You go in circles about what happened that time. Or get caught up in thinking about what might have been. If only…

The Art of Reflection

What is the power of reflecting on situations? Why look backwards?

When you step away from the sucking hole that is “if only”, you can direct the light of conscious reflection into the past. Not to dwell “back there” interminably (because that’s a sure way to go nowhere). But to refine, transmute and to clarify.

Here is the thing: Reflection allows you to look backwards with purpose. 

It’s nothing to do with dwelling in the past or rehashing old grievances.

You know how in a moment, a situation can come to light as “unfinished business”?  It happens with an emotionally charged experience that catches you off-guard. It’s when you ask, “Why has it come up…again?”

Here’s Why

Sometimes you move so quickly through an experience that you neglect to learn the lessons that were available. You skim the surface, your aim to get to the other side. So it shows up again to give you another opportunity.

This is important. Because if you think about the situation in the same way you’ve always done, nothing changes and nothing is discovered. It becomes a missed opportunity.

I want you to receive the transformation that is possible.

Reflection, when done artfully, allows you to consider a past experience from a fresh perspective. It brings a sense of completion and greater clarity. Consciousness is brought to bear.

This way, reflection becomes a key to new ways of seeing an old pattern. It allows you to energetically complete that experience. This frees you to respond creatively as you go forward in life.

It’s the path of inner freedom.

Here’s How: Paint a New Picture

When you revisit an experience, allow yourself space to explore more deeply. Ask questions that guide you into what is new. What calls out to you to be acknowledged? Is there energy that can be reclaimed in the service of a new picture? Imagine how you would describe this experience to someone else. Notice if you are engaged as you tell it.

What do you share with excitement and passion? Is there something that stands out?

What have you learned, this time?  Reflect with purpose. It will open the doors to greater clarity.

It brings new gifts to live the dance of life.



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