What If You Were Disciplined Enough to Listen to What You Need?

disciplinedWhat is it about being disciplined that makes it seem so difficult?

Discipline is defined as:

  • 1) Control gained by enforcing obedience or order;
  • 2) Orderly or prescribed conduct or pattern of behavior;
  • 3) Self Control

Discipline is usually thought of as punishment or rigidly enforcing a particular behavior. There is a difference between discipline and regimentation. Many people are rigid in their beliefs and their behavior like going to the gym without question, eating only specific foods, doing a task the same way every time or always approaching a problem from the same direction. Regimentation is imposed; it does not allow for inner guidance. Regimentation encourages you to turn your back on your needs, distancing yourself from nurturing and caring for your body.

These actions deny yourself a response to what is needed in that moment.

Your Thoughts as Creators

Your thoughts can take a creative or a destructive path. The destructive path reinforces judgment and leads to confusion, anger and pain. Discipline allows you to choose a creative path for your thoughts where insight and solutions to problems can be found.

Being disciplined is important to the quality of your life and to your fundamental support systems. Living life from a disciplined perspective means you take deliberate steps on a daily basis to enhance your life.

It is crucial to listen to the dialogue you have with yourself on a moment by moment basis. These thoughts can give you insight as to how to lead your life each moment of the day.

The truth for most of us is that we are undisciplined. You know what is needed and yet you over-ride these needs in favor of personal will. Personal will gives you the ability to make choices. You can do a task the way you want, when you want, and how you want.

What it does not acknowledge is that there may be an easier or better timed way to complete the task. Operating from personal will may appease a situation for a moment. Yet in the next moment it creates a complicated series of events that make life more difficult.

How Personal Will Gets in Your Way

mysteriesLife opens to the mysteries when you put your personal will aside. The mysteries allow a more complete and fulfilling path to unfold.

You do a disservice to your potential when you give your personality the exclusive right to take action, and ignore what your feeling world and body need.

Imagine if you sat down for a few minutes every day to focus on your body’s needs before getting busy with the day. During this time discover your needs and write them down. Then make a pact with yourself to take care of these physical and emotional needs.

Set the time aside and do what you have promised yourself. Don’t go against your promises.

Remember the adage “take care of yourself before taking care of others?”

When you put your body on hold and ignore your needs, your body will begin to break down from a lack of attention and of honoring. Like your automobile, the better you take care of it the longer and more problem free it is. Call this your preventive maintenance! Time to care for yourself is the regular tune up that is needed. Rest, relax, embrace quiet time and support the most precious vehicle you have.

have the loving discipline to manage your attitude and perspective.

Body-Mind Harmony

Your body and mind do not need to operate separate from one another. A healthy attitude carries you through life, attracting the support you desire at the time when it is needed. You attract situations and people that support growth and expansion. Internally you support and carry yourself in high esteem. You know truth and have clarity. Stability, confidence and trust radiate outward. You feel like you can handle any situation as you are supported by your most valuable assets. These may be patience, an ability to take action, clear thinking or creative processing. As you acknowledge your assets, you will feel balanced, strong and clear.

garden path woodlandTraining yourself to work with life in this way gives you the opportunity to realize how life can work more effectively. Question your thoughts as they come to mind. Review the quality of your thoughts to determine whether or not they are productive thoughts moving life forward.

When a judgmental thought comes to your attention, give that situation and the people involved the freedom to do what they need to do and dismiss the thought. This gives you the freedom to remain on track with your own life details.

To create a shift within you, take time out, get quiet and see what you need to do for your own welfare.

Take your steps to strengthen this supportive way of being. The more fully integrated this discipline becomes, the greater your sense of well-being. Your well-being will give you a sense of ease and clarity. Your natural state of being is to be calm and relaxed. Discipline to enhance your life is a gift you can select as daily ritual.

Do you really risk anything in taking care of yourself this way?

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