What If Life were Fresh in Every Moment?

happy woman running beachWhat if life were truly fresh in every moment?

You would approach daily life as if everything were new, unexplored and exciting. For this to be possible you would have to embrace life without preconceived ideas and life patterns to restrict freedom. Life cannot be fresh if anything holds you back.

What makes life feel fresh?

Your choice for transformation may be through taking classes, reading, having a committed exercise program, falling in love, initiating a new project, tending to the welfare of others or sharing time with friends.

These outward actions only generate temporary feelings of wellness, balance or rejuvenation. More often than not, these feelings fade away and your old ways return. This approach to life will never give you the experience of freshness.

diamondPolishing a diamond brings the flash back to its reflective surface but it will continue to dissipate over time, becoming dull again. It’s an outside approach to making it shine.

Like a diamond, you have an inner shine. Your shine can be polished externally but freshness can only occur from the inside.

Your Precious Life

Freshness is felt when you take steps toward freedom. A step to feeling this way requires the realization that life is precious. Your life has value, relevance and unexplored dimensions. The feeling of value results from your ability to be independent, courageous and willing to take action. You have to feel a sense of integrity in life and uphold your integrity in all you do.

Remember, your integrity has little to do with anyone else. It is simply how you are willing to live life and to maintain balance. You cannot be beholden to others or make them beholden to you. It is your responsibility to monitor yourself, not others. After all, who are you really accountable to? Who really cares how you live your life?

Notice your internal dialogue. This dialogue determines the quality of life you lead. Your inner dialogue can create a dance or it can limit your ability to move freely through life. You can approach life as an adventure. In this dance, life presents itself with mysterious twists and turns. The mysteries are unearthed in unexpected ways as you move about life in action. If your thoughts are never actualized, life becomes stagnant.

Your attitude and approach to life speak volumes about your ability to navigate through life and enjoy its potential.

Having Reverence for Self

Though rarely mentioned, you must have a feeling of reverence for yourself. The feeling of reverence has to do with the magnificence you feel for your life. You are part of a larger picture, greater than you realize. There are people you impact on in life without knowing. It can occur in a fleeting moment or over a lifetime. The impact of your presence is felt by others and not always felt by you. There is a sense of timing, being in the right place and the right time. Perhaps you said something or did something that generated a meaningful impact on another.

ecosystemYou are a part of a much bigger ecosystem which is modified because you are an integral part of it. If you looked at your life from a micro to macro perspective your life represents a piece in a much larger organism. You do not always know the impact of your presence and participation in life.

Rest assured, you make a difference.

When you look back on your life, you have accomplished more than you realize. Where you are today has been orchestrated through a series of steps which has led you to this point in time. Your life is composed of actions and unknown influences that created where you have been and where you are going.

Embrace the Unknown

The greater your ability to accept the unknown and acknowledge the series of experiences that brought you to this moment, the easier it will be for you to embrace yourself. You have an intimate relationship. No one outside of you can live in your intimate space and generate its lasting ability to relate to life in your special way. Your connection is developed from within. It can be as strong as you like. This inner connection is built over a lifetime of experience sometimes visible and others hidden. It is not outside of you; it is your foundation and livelihood.

Your life is your creation.

All the facets which make up your inner relationship are developed over time. Your connection can grow to a point of unyielding inner trust if you let go of who you think you need to be or what you need to do to impact others. Censoring your inner dialogue so you feel the truth of who you are and the action you take creates the foundation for discernment. This discernment strengthens your sense of inner knowing to keep you aligned with your next step. You will feel a sense of calm as you move through life. Why? You know what you need to do. This feeling is solid and doubt is thrown out the window.

The Greater Self

Living life from this direction develops a sense of the greater Self.

Master your intimate connection and life works. So much more of life reveals itself as your thoughts, actions and desires are aligned. Life is working and moving when your inner world navigates through the outer world without domination from it. This is life’s potential.

Does it follow that the palace you have built within you is potentially always fresh? Unlimited potential, continuous expansion and an unlimited dialogue focused on your next steps. Your relationship bond is lifelong.

I know you want your life to work.

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