What if the environment provided keys for your future?

environmentYou have been taught to look outside of yourselves for too many answers in life. You’ve been educated from birth to rely on the outside world, living life to some mythical standard. This gives you a limited perspective, confined to answers which are through someone else’s definition of your life.

Have you considered looking within to determine what you really want in life?

I have never met anyone who did not have a picture of what they wanted in life. It could be as simple as what to eat for the next meal or as complex as how you want to spend the rest of your life. How do you get what you want?

The future can only present itself if you are an active participant in life. It rarely happens that the right person knocks on your door while you are hiding out at home. Like all other living things, life is meant to be lived out in the world where you have exposure to the elements. Living life without direction gives you a life that is subject to your own whims or to someone else’s! Taking deliberate action, working with discernment and internal guidance will give you specific direction.

Life’s Clues to Your Inner Environment

Life presents you with clues waiting to be recognized. They require you to pay attention to your internal and external environment. Like all participation in life, you have to look at a whole picture to get a more complete view.

In the outer world, I learned that in order to believe what people were saying, I had to focus on their actions. I learned more about life outside myself when I witnessed people’s actions. The truth of what they were saying was either in line or not. If it did not match their actions, I realized they had another dialogue going on inside them that was contrary to what they had expressed. They were working from their own internal agenda.

Once this realization was clear, I questioned my own words and actions. As long as the two were aligned, I could feel integrity in what I expressed. Life moved in a natural flow. Life became complicated when my words did not match my actions.

Purity Reigns

Within you, in your inner environment, there is a point of truth where purity reigns. The future is built on your visions, your actions and the steps you take. In order for a picture to grow into reality, you must have a feeling for them. They cannot be pictures that seek to control anyone. Pictures work from the creative life force.

As you focus on your vision, pay attention to how it feels. The way in which your actions align with your direction determines manifestation. Without physical action, the vision is merely another thought.

Congestion occurs when there are too many thoughts and no action. An abundance of thought is much like having a room you never clean up. The piles of clutter grow and grow. Soon all you have accumulated are a maze of distractions with no direction. You live life coming from too many directions, having no priorities and taking action that scatters the energy. Life limps along with no particular focus and support. The Universe, like you, does not know where to place its energy.

Thought is not enough. Intent is not enough. Dreams are only thoughts unexplored and unable to manifest.

garden path flowers

Take Action

Action and focus permit a path to unfold. The unfolding process can be revealed in your internal and external world simultaneously. It has everything to do with the clarity of your thoughts and the energy you generate from within and move outward.

Have you ever noticed how situations present themselves which are directly related to your thoughts? Have you wondered why you seem to be in the right place at the right time?

Isn’t it worth monitoring your environment to build a wondrous future?

There is so much to receive.

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