Inner Violence is Self-judgment and Denial of Self

I live in Colorado where my community has once again been stunned by the most unimaginable violence.  Each of us looks for some way to address what has taken place.

Inside Action

Learning to focus within with a feeling of reverence to receive who you truly are is the greatest gift you can give yourself. It is both a rigorous and a generous path. It is for those of us who won’t settle for anything less than the truth. Are you with me?

Inner Knowing

It is vital to allow the inner knowing to evolve, for change is the language of what we can become. As we allow our own evolution, life is created anew in each moment. Change has its own essential energy. Embraced and received, it becomes the fuel for bringing our creative potential into physical expression. Our everyday thoughts are key to how we relate to change. Thought is energy.

Thought Creation

What do we create with our thoughts? Do we set up roadblocks by focusing on what could go wrong, on what we think we cannot do, on what we believe is impossible?  Are our thoughts our allies or are they “undermining employees” who simply need to be fired? Every time I judge myself as being unworthy or not as good as someone else my whole body tightens. It feels like I’m breathing stale air and that there is no gold left in the kingdom.


My self-doubt used to cripple any creative possibility. In fact, many of us are quite adept at nuancing the inner voice of self-doubt.  But it all comes down to the same thing: Inner Violence.  Inner violence is the act of distancing oneself from Self.  It is the critical, self-depleting act of denial of the God Self within us. Every moment of Inner Violence feeds the violence that rocks our world. The violence that we witness around us doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Indeed, we feed it each and every day by our “rotten thoughts”.  However, we can begin to change that in the same way, by taking responsibility for our thoughts, for how we treat ourselves in the privacy of our inner dialogue. This is the first step towards transforming our world, where what we see around us is a reflection of what lies within. It starts with a single breath, done with awareness that the breath connects us with life. Next: Inner Violence: Judgment of “Other”

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