How Inner Freedom Gives You More of Everything You Want

This weekend is bookended by holidays in Canada and the US which celebrate freedom.

What is freedom?

Freedom from outside influence, from things that impinge upon you that you want to release.

Freedom to live your dreams, to step into who you are, who you want to be, how you want to show up and shine in the world.

The Freedom to Follow Your Inner Guidance

If only you had more time; more clients; more money. Then you would be happy. Then you could feel free to create, to follow your dream. To play.

What if you had an idea that you wanted to explore?

What if you allowed yourself the freedom—now—to follow your curiosity?

What if this idea was your inner guidance system offering you your next step? One that would give you more free time, more money and allowed you to have a greater impact? 

Would you know it? Would you listen?

What does it take to have the freedom to follow your own inner guidance? To give yourself the freedom of space and time in your schedule…to take time to listen to what your inner guidance wishes to share with you?

The truth is that your inner freedom comes first,  before all of the things you want! You cannot have more money, more time and be of greater service when your inner belief systems and personal restrictions are running the show. 

On this weekend where North America is celebrating freedom, and especially this week when external restrictions have been so loudly proclaimed in the US, you can create the feeling of freedom within. Let these winds of change cleanse the air of your inner restrictions. The feeling of freedom is the first step.

What if you were to really allow this feeling of freedom?

Celebrate it. See how you can open the doors even wider. Let your spirit soar because this is what will give you everything else you long to receive. Allow yourself the physical, mental, and energetic space to explore this feeling of freedom. 

And then, because we are all connected, because your frequency impacts the whole, when you shift your frequency to feel more freedom you embody that possibility for everyone else.

Let your freedom ring!

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