Self-Dialogue: What If You Transformed the Stories You Tell Yourself?

what if on goldEvery moment of every day you are making choices. Some choices are based on your patterning while others are based on ever-evolving life circumstances. The key to the truth of our actions is the dialogue within your thoughts, your “self-dialogue.”

The Trap of Past Experience

We live the majority of our life using past experience as our guide to live life in the future. Have you considered listening to the dialogue you have and investigating it for relevance and truth in the present moment? In my mid-twenties I was determined to sort out the truth of my self-dialogue. I had a growing desire to know what was true and what was holding back my growth and learning. Most of all what I wanted was a quiet mind. I came to realize that examining my thoughts was about determining the truth of their content. Thoughts of the past are usually laced with opinions and protections to survive against fear.  However, the true open door for evolving and growth lies in a quiet mind that recognizes the difference between our patterning and productive thought.

Patterns Revealed with Self-Dialogue

self-dialogueOur patterns will reveal themselves in a number of ways. An interaction may provoke a tight body, even an uncomfortable body.  Our mind then recalls stories from the past which we review. We look at past experiences to find relevant similarities. Our objective is to take control of the situation and build a seemingly accurate picture. What happens though, is that our emotions usually manufacture more harmful scenarios. Our inner dialogue is filled with self-deprecating stories, patterns of expectation and short-sighted imaginings. We are pulled away from an objective view and the ability to have an expanded perspective. Our actions become ones based on past stories skewed by life experience.

Inner Freedom

Where is the freedom in that way of operating?  Can you learn from this perspective? Have you grown from this way of being?  Are you maximizing the potential of the new situation? doorway sun pathDeliberately question your thoughts. Take time to watch, know and learn how your thought process works. It is crucial to opening doors to new information. Listen to how your body feels, to what you think and to what you say. If it’s old information, then you know that you are operating from an old place.  I love the saying “the definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result”.  Moving forward is impossible!  When you surrender the patterns, let go of being the victim and embrace freedom, the chains that keep you bound drop away. When these doors are opened, creativity, passion and discernment become the norm.

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