Inner Research: your resource for stellar decision making

inner researchAre you a seeker of truth? I am. So, what’s inner research got to do with truth?

Let me ask you first: Have you always wanted to know how life works? I have, for as long as I can remember.

Do you know how to identify what is true and what is not? Ah, this I had to learn!

Perhaps this is true for you, too. Stay with me then.

The Stellar Decision Resource

When you are faced with making a decision, how do you determine the next step? Once you gather information from external sources, you still have to decide on a course of action. External information alone cannot give you clarity of direction.

Something more is needed. Do you realize that there is a reliable resource within you that is available?  Good news: you don’t need to go to school to learn how to access it. But you cannot find it on Google, either.

Research Builds Your Connection

Accessing this resource requires learning to connect with the wisdom within you. Your own inner research reveals the path ahead. Inner research takes the reins of self-discovery away from external sources and places them into your own hands. Working with your inner dialogue builds an intimate relationship.

This relationship brings a profound sense of self-knowledge and self-trust.

Building your inner network brings the outer world into fresh perspective. You align your actions with the inner truth you discover, learning to discern with confidence your next steps in life.

When you realize that guidance is available, you may find your next steps taking you into unfamiliar territory. Of course! However, your trust in yourself grows stronger as you listen and follow. Each step leads to the next and builds upon the one before.

Treasures of Inner Research

Inner Research…

  • Helps you to new understanding of challenging situations
  • Takes you beyond feelings of dependency
  • Surfaces new creativity
  • Builds new pictures of life
  • Builds a deep intimate inner relationship
  • Creates a new foundation for your life
  • Teaches you how to be discerning
  • Creates a feeling of inner peace

People rely on Google to gather information and make decisions. Knowledge, however, comes through your inner connection.

Wisdom is discovered in the dynamic alignment of self with Self.

You might notice a new way of thinking and communicating. Expanded pictures or different possibilities come to you with new dimensions that expand your boundaries. Your body may feel some shakiness in the newness, yet you trust that this partnership of inner knowing will carry you forward.

Listen, discern and take action every step of the way.

This is the dance of life! Aren’t you ready to learn some new dance steps?

Time to reflect

tree-316479_640Take a breath. Release it. Take another. Devote some dedicated time of concentration/meditation. It doesn’t need to be hours of quiet, perhaps only 15 minutes. Then allow the question to simmer within you. Let responses bubble up into your awareness. Notice new ways of thinking, of images or ideas that arise spontaneously. Pay attention to your dreams. Let it happen. Be aware. See where it leads you next. Let yourself savor this process of receiving from yourself. Don’t judge whatever comes up, just receive it. Make notes.

You may want to share something from this process. Sharing is an important way to anchor an insight in your body. It leads you to deeper insight. It stimulates action.

Scroll down and add your comments. We’d love to hear from you!

For More: 

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  1. I never really had a name for this process before. Thanks! I’m looking forward to the “how to” installment for some “pointers.”

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