Inner Violence and Blame: How Judgment of Another Impacts You & the World

Thought creates form. Before something comes into form, it exists as a thought.

The quality of your thoughts directly impacts what shows up in the physical, including the degree of violence in the world.

Have you ever considered this? Here’s what I mean.

Thoughts and Creation

You must first have a thought of something in order to create it. Thoughts and pictures are the building blocks, the reflection of the inspiration that you want to manifest.

If your thoughts are of wanting someone to act differently (a form of control), or you sit in critical condemnation, you have no room within you to act with grace. When you draw back from grace, it chips away at the fundamental aspect of who you are in community with others.

If you do not like what someone is doing, it is your choice to recognize that the action is not the person. That does not mean you will like what they are doing any better. It simply means that you are willing to see beyond that action to a bigger picture of who they are.

Violence and Blame

How often are your thoughts caught up in blaming others for your situation?

Consider how many times in a single day that you want your intimates to do what you think they should do, or that the opposing political party is wrong, bad or stupid. Every time we have a thought that diminishes another, that does not acknowledge that they, too, are an expression of God, we add to the miasma of violence in the world.

Your single thought has impact.

You cannot see the violence around you as being different from that which starts within you.  Once you begin to claim responsibility for your own thoughts, you begin to change your world and the world of your children and grandchildren.

But if we do not start with ourselves, we have nothing to offer to anyone.

And it does, truly, start with a single breath received with gratitude for the life it gives.

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5 Responses

  1. I don’t believe for a second that a thought has the same weight as an action. Wouldn’t you be better served advising against wrongdoing, than admonishing those who, in thought, condemn the hurtful actions?

    1. Sheila,
      Thanks for your comment. My sense is that we are easily aware of actions but ignore the quality of our own thoughts. I don’t know that the weight matters, or if, indeed, actions do carry more weight. One is “obvious” and in the physical world, the other is on the energetic level. Different, yes. More important?

  2. Yes,we all done it judge ,judge,judge…Should we strive to make a conscious effort and catch our thoughts in that moment and say to yourself “Here come the judge”and replace the judgement by the feeling of unconditional LOVE.There is such a surge of a new energy that come with it when you forgive yourself ,maybe replacing the negative thoughts by positive one ,from that place our creativity can flow freely and fuel our well being…
    Would it be a wonderful world to live in, and a giant step for the evolution of humanity to try to catch one’self with those judging moments!!! with time it does work,it is in our human nature to judge ,but like the say”Until one can walk in the other person shoes who are we to judge…judgement is a thought that do not enter the animal kingdom realm… human creation???

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