A Conversation With: Jennifer Lipski, MyMetaWorld

Jennifer Lipski MyMetaWorldI recently had the pleasure of having a conversation with Jennifer Lipski, the co-creator of MyMetaWorld, Inner Wisdom in Community, an “online network for healers, mentors and all inner explorers on the journey of self-discovery.” That’s us!

You may remember Jennifer as the creator of the video series “8 Minutes of Awesome” (I’ve been interviewed by her twice!).  MyMetaWorld has recently launched and it’s full of insightful articles, illuminating conversation and interactive projects.  Head over and join in!

Listen in as we dive into…

  • The value of community as a place for nurturing
  • Our need to be reminded of who we are
  • How do you give to the world? What do you need as you do this?
  • This transformational time for humanity: we’re all in it together
  • You don’t have to do what you are doing alone
  • What Jennifer needed to leave behind in order to move forward
  • Listening to your own heartbeat, what Jennifer refers to as your “first guide”
  • Taking time to notice your own experience without judgement
  • Jennifer’s four offerings

—> LISTEN HERE: A conversation with Jennifer Lipski <—



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