Life Offers You Opportunities. Are You Listening?

Recently a friend and colleague—someone I deeply respect—invited me to support her at an event she was leading. I was honored and said yes.

And then I said no, as it conflicted with an important family event and the logistics to accommodate all of it seemed daunting.

My friend invited me to consider it again. (Both my friend and I know there is always a bigger picture that our personal self may not be tuning into.) When I went into it again, in a single moment it was clear that I was, indeed, to be there with her. And that I had been letting my concerns about “logistics” interfere with receiving what Presence was offering to me.

In the moment of opening to this bigger picture, I received a great gift.

It was an opportunity that the Universe created for me and made available through her. It was up to me to be available to receive it.

Opportunities Through Intermediaries

The Universe often acts through intermediaries. At least that’s how I think of it. Your angel may show up in jeans or in the finest silks. Anything to throw you off the scent! Yes, it requires going beyond what your analytical self expects.

I don’t know what is going to happen at this event. I’m not querying about that. The test, if you will, was of my willingness to sit with what felt uncomfortable so I could go beyond that. Only then could I receive the invitation and opportunity that was given.

I let go of how it “should have” shown up. Of what I thought would have been reasonable or fair. And probably most importantly, of any expectation that it had to be easy for me. In fact, this will mean extending myself into the unknown, and asking family members to go beyond what was set.

Initially uncomfortable, for sure, but I’m rising to this occasion!

The Willingness to Offer Yourself TO the Opportunity

How many times have you turned your back when the Universe was extending its hand to you, because you couldn’t see it for what it was? Or that it would cost you money, time, or effort?  

Yes, opportunities may require you to invest something of yourself. It’s part of the circulation of energy, of giving and receiving.

Are you yearning for more freedom in your busy life to do what you love? Do you want greater financial freedom?

Let me tell you, what you want is right in front of you.

You don’t have to stay in the space of yearning.

If you can’t see how to close the gap, let me help. Book a call with me. We’ll see what’s in the way of you receiving what you long for, and how to go beyond that so you create whatever it is that you long to have in your life.

By the way, this consultation call with me is complimentary. 

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