Living in a world of illusion…

Are we ready to go beyond emotions…or is our life ruled by them?  Are emotions keeping us from experiencing truly who we are? Let’s all be available to receive the new energy coming on this planet at this time.

How much discord has happened in the world created from the emotions of fear, hatred, on and on? Is life getting any better? Are we now coming to a crossroads where our consciousness is raising up to a new level of understanding on how we are living the life that we are creating? When you are going through an outrage or sadness or whatever emotion you are going through, at that time your heart shuts down, the vibration of love cannot flow in. The emotion then creates a blockage induces a malaise in your body and that can develop into dis-ease. I work in a very busy deli and at this time of the holiday season people are at their highest wonderful self or their lowest, with not being able to deal with their emotions. We are fueling the illusion that they are creating.

How do I stay sane at this time of the festive season? Well it is to stay balanced and centered.  Be at one with the breath; from that state I can experience the love vibration and the joy in my heart. That is our natural state of being that we often forget.  Most of the time we go with the emotional side of life like a YOYO, up and down, happy sad, happy sad … So why not next time that life is testing you, have a little chuckle to yourself and see that no one can bring you to their level of ingratitude toward life.

We can stay in touch with that vibration of love and joy coming from the well of our heart. It is to fill with gratitude for being alive at this time of change, never to forget the great connector to that well … that is our Breath.

Let’s not get caught up with the illusion of life. Let’s create our own well-being, for this is our inheritance from the universe.

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6 Responses

  1. Hi Manon, loved your recommendation to just have a chuckle. Accessing the divine through being able to see the humour of it all is good advice. The lighter side of life is something that Dawn was always drawing us to.


  2. Hi Gordon!
    Thank you for your response and i hope that your life resonate to the wonderful being that you are inside out…
    with gratitude

  3. Greetings, Manon!
    What an incredible gift you’ve been given to work and ‘Be’ in a busy environment that a
    quality deli offers ~ to share your Heart and the Love and Truth that dwells therein! Over
    the many years that I worked in retail, I never ceased to be moved and often in awe of the Power of that Love, the privilege I had to be a witness to the Power of that Love and Light to uplift and shift the attitude of my customers as I shared my joy at the opportunity to assist with their choices!

  4. Bonjour Josephine!
    Thank you for your sharing of you working most of your life in customer service; I do admire you.This work at the deli for me has been the utmost challenge I ever did, working in a close environment for eight hour a day with seven women and being on the front line for the demands of the customer is not for the faint of heart…Many different energies to encounter at the end of the day.
    What has kept me balanced and can I say sane is doing Turaya Touch and Turaya Meditation outside the Deli work…
    That is my passion and it’s enabled me to stay in my heart and face daily the myriad of energies…
    The very best to you Josephine
    with gratitude


  6. Thank you for your enthusiasm Randy .”Life is all about timing” so in due time if you have signed up for the news letter you will be amongst the first one to know about Turaya classes and more …

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