What if you invested time in mastering your inner connection?

inner connectionOur lives are full of noise.  Voices, thoughts, ideas and concepts ring so loudly inside our heads and around us, that we rarely give ourselves the time to know our next step. Life is moving quickly and we feel as if there is barely time to take a breath.  Our outside world is influenced by technology at such a rapid rate it is becoming difficult to determine and assimilate what is truly needed.

If it were up to the world of marketing we would recreate technology every moment. According to the marketers, technology changes will make life better, easier and more fulfilling.  I do not know about you, but I never have the feeling that technology moves me ahead. It is the ideas and actions I take out in the world that present the opportunity to explore and grow. My thoughts need time to gel and details to materialize. I need to be aware of my sense of timing before taking action.

Your Information Processor

Though your personality has the relationship with the outside world, it is your inner structure that processes information and decides on the actions to be taken. Too often the outside world influences your decisions without the benefit of the expanded knowledge contained within you. Letting the outside world dictate your actions may keep control of your pictures and give you approval on the surface, but it does not feed the desire to create and feel freedom.

Can you imagine the limited inspiration that occurs when you take actions based on the opinion of others or on your fears of rejection?

inner connectionManaging life by the expectations of others stifles your ability to create, nurture yourself and experience the fulfillment of opening new doors. No wonder your body rebels, as life is denied the freedom of expression. Life’s joy, opportunities and clarity are received when you break free from the outside world and experiment with life.

Why not break free from the boxes you live in?

Your Personal Barometer

The most reliable barometer in living life day to day is your body. Embedded within its systems are the keys to living life in an enriched way.  Opening yourself to receive and deliver more information can only occur when you take time to listen to yourself in an uncluttered and quiet way.

Are you clear what action needs to be taken as a next step?

Your body has innate senses such as the ability to respond to heat and cold. Reach your hands into the freezer.  As your body feels the cold you remove your hand to find warmth. Touching a hot burner causes you to recoil so you do not damage your hand. You act, as the next step is evident through your sensing mechanism.

The body sensing mechanism is full of information and is one of life’s mysteries. As thoughts come into awareness, they lead you down the path to a next step. When united with the body sense of knowing, you feel a sense of trust in taking action. You may not consciously understand how the senses work, attain the needed information and determine the sense of timing. But your senses have not failed you when you know there is a feeling and action to take. Why not take the time to unearth and decode life’s mystery allowing the knowing part of you to take over?

woman thought 12 16 13 crpdAs you direct your attention to your senses, greater awareness emerges and develops.  Often you will receive insight which guides your life and demands action.  Failure to take action undermines the support system within you.

You have to take the first step forward in order for the next step to emerge.

Your Magnificence

What a magnificent unknown world operates within you! Your body knows so much more than your intellect. The ability to reach within, listen and decode your sensitivities will develop the trust in your inner counselor. It is the inner counselor that guides you to your next step.  When I listen, life works.

When I turn my back on what I need to do, life gets complicated.

Have you noticed when you make clear decisions from a place of knowing that your life aligns and the next step is readily available?  Taking time to listen to your inner thoughts from that place opens the door to appreciating the mystery of life.  You can live life outside of yourself.  You can ignore and override your thoughts.

But doesn’t it make sense to master your inner connection so you live life as a dance rather than as a happenstance?

You can do it.

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