In every moment you are part of the dance of creation

The Universe is continually expanding, always in creation— it’s the essence of the creative force!  You, my friend, are an intimate expression of this Universe. There is no separation between you and the rest of creation.

You are this: an aspect of co-creative intelligence.

In this Thanksgiving season, what if you brought your attention to what you receive from the Universe? (and no, I don’t mean another Black Friday “special sale.”)

The true spirit of Thanksgiving is one of circulation, a never ending and never beginning current: giving and receiving. Remember, without receiving, there would be nothing to give thanks for!  Rather than viewing your life as being a set of happy circumstances, or a string of defeats and bad luck, it plants you squarely in the place of co-creator.

In the circulation that is giving thanks and receiving thanks, you co-create with the power of the whole Universe.

It is the reason that allowing yourself to receive is so important. It’s because you are part of creation in every moment. Are you willing to receive the thanks from the Universe? To welcome the energy that the Universe makes available to you?

That’s what happens when you breathe in, and in the fullness of your expression as a co-creator, you dance with life.

This is co-creation.

dance of creation

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