What if you claimed your potential as a pioneer?

pioneerPioneer: One who ventures into unknown or unclaimed territory; one who opens up new areas of thought, research, or development.

Life is Experiential and Experimental

We change over time. Ideas and thoughts arise within us in a moment, while acting on the ideas takes time. Our ideas change as we commit to our actions and engage in the steps to manifest our vision. A dynamic is set into motion with many unknowns, both tangible and intangible. The experience is the process that is only decoded as we reflect on the results.

Each day’s activities are the microcosm of a much larger picture. I am often amazed as I reflect on how much happens in a day, week, month or year.  Over time our attitudes change, perspectives are modified and we expand, expand, expand.

Denying change keeps us frozen in time.

The course and direction of life may begin in one area of our expertise and over time the direction shifts.  Some of us will experience a quantum leap realigning and questioning our faith, consciousness and beliefs.

We Choose

We choose how to work with these changes. Our attitude can embrace or resist change. There is no question in my mind that when I have resisted change, a tremendous amount of energy was spent avoiding what was needing to happen.  Once I surrendered, life moved in incredible ways.

Fortunately I learned this lesson earlier rather than later in life.  My major changes began in my early 30’s as I accepted more of who I am.  I identified and accepted the theme of the pioneer.

I knew I had to rely on my feeling world and my inner knowing to navigate life.

Vision and Feeling

Change was initiated mainly by vision and feeling. It’s not that I can identify the moment it happened, but there were events that showed me clearly there was more to life than living in the family finance business and partying with the same group of friends five days a week! Priorities changed within me and my desires and visions caused me to relocate, build a new business and expand on other ideas.

Fortunately, I could feel change coming.  Often times I would go blindly to a new geographic location or a new business, and trust that I would know the next step when it was revealed to me, rather than through my usual patterns of control. I do not believe in making things happen. In fact, I believe the script has already been written and it is our job to play the part!

Inner Pioneer Qualities

If I were to profile myself, the qualities that have supported me as the pioneer have always been sensitivity, creativity, a strong business sense and an innate trust of my inner compass. My package appears conservative and my image is acceptable, yet my life story can be told from a person who has followed what he hears to be true.

The feedback I receive from life shows in the timing of meeting people, finding places, and attracting situations which give me the next steps in life.  I know I am on task when I can feel I am at the right place at the right time. My life includes the ability to navigate step by step.  This way of being embraces the pioneer as we are non-conforming and unconventional.  Life opportunities present themselves, but the crucial acceptance of those opportunities lies in the actions taken.

Life Moves Forward

I have never looked back because I know life moves us forward. Living in the present beyond reflection has allowed me to move forward. From time to time, a quantum leap would occur propelling me forward.

Ultimately, a strong foundation was built which allowed me to explore areas I had always approached with fear.  I had taken action to gain more experience with the belief that I could explore untapped areas, such as singing and acting.  Later, this led to doing set design for a community theater. Discomfort moved into comfort as I began to sing and act in public! The more I honored the feeling and desire to cross a new threshold of life experience, the more confident and trust I felt in my actions.

Jumping Off the Cliff

jumping off cliff cartoonIn the beginning, I felt as if I were jumping off a cliff because I was stretching and testing my abilities. Year after year, show after show, a new comfort arose within me.

The feeling of confidence developed into the sense of freedom and my expression on stage became more fun, more real!

The most important lesson I learned was, my life works! Recognizing and embracing the pioneer has expanded my vision well beyond who I thought I was going to be in my 20’s.

Can you identify how you have moved through life?  Have there been instances when you realized you are a pioneer? Is this a lifestyle in your future?

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