How to Receive and Live Your Ever-Evolving Purpose

Do you question your purpose in life? Is there something you feel called to do? Maybe it shows up in your quiet moments, when you take time to reflect.

Each of us has a private, personal experience of life and of who we are in relationship to the world. How does this connect us with a sense of purpose? My teacher used to talk about the “one and the many.”  The one is that singular voice of God that expresses itself as a common essence imprinted within each of us. From this essential spark, each person shapes, colors and defines a uniquely personal expression. We, separate and together, are the many.

The Essential Spark

purposeYour personal expression does not take place within a single moment of time. It is not fixed. Rather, it is something that continues to evolve throughout your life, as you surrender to giving greater voice to that essence.

You express who you are through the “vehicle” of your personality. Your personality is what carries the spark of God into the world. It is needed!

The beauty of this evolution is that you discover and become more and more of who you truly are as this inner relationship grows. It is how you discover and uncover purpose, meaning and a sense of inner peace. This then resonates into your family relationships, your community and into political and social structures.  This is how you come to embrace change instead of holding back from it.

It is the “marriage” of your God self with your personal self.

Living Your Purpose

As you give time to this singular relationship, you discover more and more of who you are in relationship to life itself. Purpose becomes something that you live instead of question.

It’s true that time and attention are required to grow this relationship. And that as this most important relationship goes, of self with Self, go all others. When my “self” feels disconnected from my God Self, I see that mirrored in my other relationships.

I often become aware of the disconnection first in my personal relationships. It shows up as a feeling of dissatisfaction or irritation or separation. That cues me to look within, to see how I am caring for my inner relationship. Am I loving towards myself?

Wouldn’t you want to give time to the relationship that is the foundation of all others? Aren’t you ready to receive your purpose?

Yes, you are. Because you can.

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2 Responses

  1. I enjoy reading what you write. I find myself struggling for some time now to try to find my passion in life. Thank you for trying to help.

    1. I know that it can feel like you will never connect with it, Angela. You will! Let me know if I can help. Laurie

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