Pay attention to “divine” timing. Take yourself off hold.

Why is timing so critical to manifesting what you want? Purpose. Desire. Action.

clock timeLet me explain. There are inner rules to living life consciously. Once you learn to listen to your internal guidance and to pay attention to ideas and pictures that come to you, there is another step.

The manifestation of those pictures requires you to take action. If you procrastinate, you miss your timing and the opportunity vanishes.

Timing and Navigation

Timing is critical to your ability to navigate through life. When you take action, a momentum develops. Riding the wave of that momentum, you are brought to your next step. It’s essential to continue to take action so that the picture develops and takes root.

Have you had a thought of doing something and immediately followed it with doubt or delay? Have you gotten stuck in analyzing what’s next? Realize that you will never have all of the information or know the complete picture before you take action.

Paying attention to timing means that one action taken at a single moment in time will open or close doors in ways that you cannot predict or control. This is both the reason why you may hesitate (“I don’t know what will happen.”), and also the best reason to move ahead (the appearance of unexpected opportunity). Follow-through is necessary, each step leading to the next.

We all have dreams that begin with “someday I will…”  Think about it. Is there some action that you have put on-hold, waiting for the “right” moment?

Does the right moment ever come? Taking action can create the right moment.

When you deliberately take yourself off hold, you are ready to respond. To act.

Pay attention to the timing of the Universe.

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