What if there were nothing in our lives to question?

Mind chatter?  Mind Distraction? Questions! Comments! Judgments! Opinions! More Questions?

3 1 2013 office messSounds like a familiar way of life inside most of our minds.  In my 20’s I started to question my thoughts as I felt overloaded with volumes of information.  I was astounded by the clutter and the distraction this chatter consumed in everyday life. It interrupted my focus and often filled me with old stories causing me to relive moments from the past. The information had been fabricated and accumulated over all the years of growing up.  Over time I began to realize that these dialogues that haunted my mind may or may not be accurate.  The foundation of the stories was created in the past from situations that were different from the current encounters.  Was I going to make the effort and spend significant time sorting out this messy desk of a mind or look for an alternative?  I realized it would be more effective to quiet my mind.

The roots of all this information were formed beginning in early childhood, built en masse over the years following and stored in layers like boxes in storage.  The accumulation of information may have been wisdom imparted by loved ones but most of all it was subject to my own interpretation. The more I experienced other people and their opinions about life, the stronger my opinions and patterns became.   What was acceptable in my actions to others became my approach to working with life. I was developing an approval based life system supported by everyone else and their thoughts and ideals.

3 1 13 behavior copiedSoon my exposure to information overload became the dominate force and interrupted how I navigated life.  My filtering mechanism and ability to discern were called into action as I realized it was not my life I applied these stories to, but how my life was operating and for what purpose.  One sure sign of the existence of my stories was how I felt about life and more specifically, the life I was leading.  I decided it was more productive to learn more about truth and how to distinguish truth from just another story.

I transmuted the past into a new approach to the future by questioning situations as they occurred rather than only drawing on my memory banks. My deductive reasoning became filled with questions much like the use of a detective story on television, but not with the same time constraints or calculated story line.  Other aspects of life emerged such as learning how to trust the information I received in my questioning.  I realized that what I see and hear is not always what is happening or why! I had to go beyond the presenting picture and my ideas about it in order to discover the truth.

Learning that truth stands tall in the actions taken by myself and others created a foundation for learning truth.  Once I felt the truth in my body, I could discern the truth of words I heard.  After all, if you feel the truth of something being said, doesn’t it make sense that the actions must align?   Are you willing to look at the alignment between your thoughts and actions to discover truth?


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