What if we had no expectations in life?

sun dreamThroughout life I’ve been told “life is what you make it.”  This led me to a related question, “is my life what I expect it to be”?

Expectations project a desired outcome and can force each of us to operate within a limited vision.  I have noticed that when my expectations are clouding my vision the results generated are not necessarily what I desire.

The Eggs Not Yet in the Basket

moneyIn my career earnings are commission based.  The tendency in commission based careers is to mentally earn money before you have been paid.  As a result, my desire may be to spend money I have not yet earned in anticipation or expectation that these monies will be received within a specific time frame. Over the years I have learned not to count my dollars until they are actually earned. After all, in these economic times deals can fall apart! There are so many variables which define a deal because of the contractual terms. Then you have a changing emotional and economic environment that can alter or even cancel a contract.

Sometimes these aspects are emotional while at other times they are practical.

The emotional part of life has many facets.  Often, based on our past experience, emotions can act as a shield for our feelings (fear based) causing us to safeguard an action or control how we take action. They can generate the effect of avoidance or at the very least give us the opportunity to review what we are doing and how we are taking an action.

The emotion based actions we take create stumbling blocks or stalls in our actions. We modify, reconstruct, manipulate and redirect the scenario with our thoughts projecting from past life experience and fear. Thoughts build pictures. Pictures continue to modify and embellish. Over time the original vision, desire or idea has been liquefied and diluted to a point where it has changed and been misdirected.

When the direction of the vision is interrupted by what occurs, we lose sight of the original intention of our idea. Our thoughts and actions have designed complexity and lost the power of simplicity!

Expectations and Desires

Expectation and the desire to control the variables become so strong that we build agendas.  The agendas become the driving force in our actions and decisions.  Maybe you have noticed that when you are faced with situations that involve people and their agenda, that your body wants to run in the opposite direction.  This is our body’s reaction.

You can imagine what other people feel when we are running with our agenda. A fortress has been built and the driving force of our actions and desires take over.  When my agenda overrides, it blinds my vision. It erases the opportunity for my next step and the participation of others to be part of the vision.

No wonder I feel disappointed when my picture does not manifest!

How many times do my expectations undermine the true result I desire? If I let go of my expectations haven’t I achieved new found freedom and opened the door to other opportunities? Isn’t part of the pleasure looking back on how a situation or dream unfolded and being amazed at how my picture became reality?

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