What if we felt acknowledgment for every person we met?

handshake morguefileWe all want to live our lives with great intentions and a responsive relationship. Why is this so hard? There is little doubt that our thought patterns, experiences and desires cloud our ability to clearly discern. Life has distractions; we have opinions and ideals. The most influential part of our mind is influenced by what is occurring at a given moment. Quite frankly, we are a jaded group of people! Our freedom to be receptive with others is limited.

Every relationship can have value

handshake twoRecently I started to take time to ask myself questions before meeting with friends, business associates and family. We have an innate knowledge within us that allows us to connect with people, situations and information that our everyday awareness may not recognize. The desire on my part was to feel more clarity and not cloud our interactions.  For example, if I am meeting someone in business for the first time, I take quiet time and ask myself what I need to know about this person and who they are.  The result seems to attune me to my future interaction with that person in a way I do not necessarily understand.

Taking this time to research makes me familiar with the other person on some mysterious level. I feel an energetic attunement set into place and the introduction to the other person is made without the usual approach to meeting someone for the first time.

Another aspect occurs to me. If I am willing to attune and focus on a person before meeting them, what have I set in motion?  Is it possible that the purity of this action creates a setting for greater acknowledgment?  If I were to do this every time, would a different relationship be built based on truth and acknowledgment?  Would my opinions and judgments fall by the wayside in favor of the impartial internal knowledge I have received?

Try this for yourself and let us know!

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