What If You Build Your New Year with Pictures?

Mayan Civilization

The Mayan calendar has ended, Christmas has passed, and the New Year is just around the corner.  Some believed the Mayan calendar was the end of the world while others the beginning of a new life.  With each major transition, we recognize that there are new opportunities. People are writing about planetary configurations that are opening the door to the “Golden Age”. The “Golden Age” has been described as a time to bring about a new level of consciousness leading to a collective response and a rebuilding of life’s direction.

picturesPerhaps this is a reset or reboot of mankind’s value systems. In the United States we are facing challenges to our political and financial structures.  We will be paying more taxes and receiving fewer benefits, but the main challenge lies in building the future.  We have to determine how important the status quo is in our lives in favor of living from common sense and our dreams.  Opportunities for change present themselves on a daily basis, especially when we allow ourselves quiet time to remember.  We all have ideas and pictures of who we would like to be and how we want to live our lives. We must allow our internal support network to come alive and electrify our focus so that we can develop and activate our pictures.

Pictures: The Universal Language

the beginning signPictures are the universal language.  The stronger and more accurate the image, the more clearly the message is conveyed.  International communication through the use of pictures shows up in road signs, airport signage and logos. Each is designed to convey a specific message.  Have you ever noticed that when your pictures are clear a manifestation of them occurs more easily?  The more engaged you are in the picture, the easier it is to share the picture with others and it begins to take on a life of its own.  You may notice images, snippets of conversations or “random” clues that contribute to the picture to solidify it.

Imagine what life would be like if you built a picture of everything you would like to create.  When you work with the picture, create the details and then move it into action.  If the picture remains in your mind without action it is simply a thought.  Adding action sets energy into motion to build the picture.  Add action to any project in your mind and watch how the picture grows and the idea becomes real.

Outside influences can interrupt the path or they can contribute to our pictures.  Our pictures may be subject to further evaluation as they evolve, but our discernment and focus give us the ability to keep the picture on track.  Keeping a picture on track is different from keeping a rigid view of the picture.  A rigid view stops the evolution of an idea.  If Apple did not explore and refine, it is likely we would not have any “i” products! Be discerning when you adopt outside ideas. Incorporate the ideas only if you feel the truth of the information, otherwise the result will likely be off track.  If this occurs simply return to the last point of clarity and work from there!

Reflect, Refine and Take Action

squiggle signLife works, evolves and changes when you take time to reflect, refine and take aligned actions. Let your information change the path by making adjustments as you need.  Act as if you were a scientist and your picture is your experiment. What starts in one direction may begin to take another. Change presents opportunity; opportunity opens our life to more pictures.  Choose to question life, take actions and let your pictures unfold step by step.  Soon you will discover life is a dance of participation.

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. Pick one aspect of your life that you want to change and focus on it.  Get as many details as you can and let yourself become the designer of your picture.  Reinforce the picture with action to bring that picture into physical manifestation and see how it grows!

Life has benchmarks and landmarks, big and small.  Working with your pictures opens your vision and your ability to create the more frequently that you participate.

What if the past disappeared and today were your only focus?  Could you build a new life with pictures? What would they be?

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