Don’t Get Lost in Your Own Distraction! Why the Time is Now.

Look, I understand busy. And distraction. I really do. I get caught in their two-fisted grip too often.

But busy has mutated into a consuming spiral that is threateningly close to chaos. Distraction then ends up running your show. It can become your reason for not doing exactly what will tame that beast. Going inside. Following your inner compass. Giving yourself the space to discover that there really is a whole other way to live. And to actually do it!

Here is what I’ve seen in the last few months.

Everywhere I look people are distracted. They aren’t following through, not acting on what they want. The daily news storm regularly overwhelms. They have to get the kids (or grand-kids) to their music lessons. They’ve been in meetings all day, and the list of emails to answer tonight is miles long.

But when busy becomes your reason for not doing something that will give you what you say you want, something in me wants to cry out.

distractionFreedom Lives Beyond Distraction

Isn’t it time to make a change for yourself? To take control of the whirling and swirling and get back into the driver’s seat of your own life?

Instead of losing yourself in the chaos, learn to navigate within it. Own your life so that you can make choices that really work for you.

Because you can.

And if what you want is someone to walk with you, to be with you while you do this deeper navigation, go over here. Let’s start with a Quantum Connection Call.

The Time for You is Now. A personal message from me to you.

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One Response

  1. I’m adding this in from my friend and poet who I’ve written about before, Wali Qutbuddin Loren Ruh Smith. He just sent this to me in response to this post.

    Addenda 3: Voice 3: My Philos Nineteen Voices: Defining Who I Am
    From A Seeker After Light

    Yah Nur, Yah Essence

    You are That you are! I am That I am!
    We are Who we have been waiting for!
    It is right now that we have to,
    absolutely have to…actually recognize and become
    Who We Truly Are, NOW, At This Time!

    And we all know this!
    So what is holding us back?

    Come on, step forward and state your case for the
    “Why not?” that is limiting your being and keeping you
    imprisoned in this inherent idea of who you really are…not!

    The Light, Yah Nur, is all about you! Any time you
    look an epiphany in the face or become aware of a
    true miracle having occurred to your self or some one
    near you or realize a deep truth that has been in the
    background of your consciousness for half a century…
    that’s when you get a glimpse of Who You Really Are!

    And you know these events happened…but our very
    well conditioned and maintained cultural mind set
    that says: “I must be crazy to think that anything more
    than a mere coincidence has occurred.” and blocks the
    expansion of our consciousness and limits our ability
    to progress as human beings being human beings entirely
    caught in and knowing of all of the knowledge that has
    built the beings that we are. And, as I have said before
    in my poetry and in many gatherings of my Life’s Path,
    that all that we have ever needed to become is:
    “Who We Really Are!” and
    We already know…as King Solomon said some time ago:
    “There is nothing new under the Sun!”. (Cont.)
    So, it seems to me, that since the ancient ones are
    being heard again, because of the obvious, in our faces-
    facts, maybe, just maybe you and I can really get off the
    dime and celebrate the simple fact we have it all,
    and that to fully benefit from God’s largess
    all we really have to do is
    to turn to one another and say:

    I Love You!

    In You I Can See Clearly My Self!
    for I Know Truly That There Is No Separation
    that my ego is not the creator of…for
    The Holy One had no intention of Creating
    His Children solely for them to compete with
    each other but actually That Their Creations
    were, indeed, meant to Complete
    Our Mother’s Eden Garden
    and Explain His Beingness
    Which Is Ours..

    Wali Qutbuddin Loren Ruh Smith

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