The Hidden Value of Willingness to Create Lasting Change

Are you ready for something different in your life?  Is it happening?

What if you were truly willing to receive it?

I know. Things haven’t been moving forward like you thought they would. And, if truth be told, maybe you aren’t moving—at all. Some days being stuck makes you want to simply give up.

You’ve always thought of yourself as being open to change. You are! But here you are again, feeling caught in the vise of self-doubt, holding back from what you want to do…and be.

You’re done being a universal yo-yo. It’s not pretty, is it?

What does it take to get unstuck?

open-heroAsk yourself: Do you feel willing to take the steps to move forward toward things you want? How willing are you to receive life’s treasures? Even when you say that you want them?

Let’s say an acquaintance offers you something that you really, really want. Are you happy to receive it? Or do you hold back and question their intentions, deciding whether it’s okay to accept? Maybe you look over your shoulder to see what’s going to happen next and wonder if this is just too good to be true.

Are you willing to receive? Willing is another word for open.

Here’s another scenario. You’ve been sitting on the edges of your business, knowing that you have a bigger message to share, but unwilling to venture out of the shadows and stand on a bigger stage.

Are you willing to share yourself? Are you willing to be seen? Willingness has qualities of lightness and joy.

You just had a fight with your husband. You’re feeling hurt and angry. Your instinct is to feel justified in your feelings and stop there. But then everything feels bound. How do you move forward?

Are you interested in getting to the real truth, one that takes you beyond who is right and who is wrong, into a feeling of love for one another?

Are you willing to make a stand for the truth? Willingness is love. willingness

The Power of Willingness

Willingness is the power to say yes to yourself. You reach for your explorer’s chapeau. You’re curious to really know—you dig deep.

You don’t settle.

You realize that your way is not the only way. It’s part of the picture, yes. Lately polarization and the clash of opposing forces has been reverberating through the world. Strength of voice is needed. Yet so is willingness to open to another’s point of view. To see with different lenses.

That fight with your husband? Nudge aside that bit of self-protection. It’s in service to a larger truth, one that allows your body to drop out of that defensive stance. After all, truth carries its own protection. And it is mighty.

I want to know the truth. I want it more than anything. More than protecting my ego and my self-esteem or my urge to be right. That means I have to drop the case I’ve been building in my mind. Because when it doesn’t give me a feeling of freedom, I know I’m riding blind.

Could this be the same for you, too?

Here is what I know. Self-righteousness is never truth.

So I want to get to the underbelly, that deeper dimension that holds a nugget of pure gold. It’s usually something I become aware of in a flash. There is no self- recrimination or blame, because I wasn’t aware of this piece a moment before. In a flash, in my willingness to let go, my body becomes free. Where I felt entrenched in a position, there is flow. The flow is delicious.

Here is the secret. Imagine that there is something more to discover. Be willing to explore and discover something that you don’t already know. This will take you through the portal to where you most want to go: freedom.

Let Fear Teach Instead of Stop You

Even when you’re afraid, reach for the willingness to move forward. That’s where grace exists. Big magic happens as you are willing to receive the truth of your fear.

Sometimes fear alerts you to the cliff just as you are ready to go off the edge. Yet if your habit is to live small, to keep willingnessyourself hidden, you will be afraid to step out even with wings on your back.

It’s your willingness that allows you to learn from your fear, instead of being bound in it. How else can you receive the support from the Universe, ready to carry you across the chasm?

When you are willing to receive, you open the door to the gifts the Universe has waiting for you. Make the choice to expand. Hold that intention in your heart. Then take action, for you must open the door!

The open door is the threshold. As you step across, your next step appears. Without your willingness to receive it, nothing that could have happened, can happen. While the Universe may be holding out a treasure, an open hand is required to receive it.

When you are willing, there is always a bigger picture available to step into. This is how you share your gifts.

So let yourself surrender. Surrender to the truth of who you are. Take that leap. The truth of you is far bigger than you think.

Because thinking, by itself, can never encompass just how magnificent you are.


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22 Responses

  1. The key message for me in this writing is not reacting to fear, but acting with conciouseness and awareness. I get into the habit of reacting before engaging the heart and the brain. This is one I will definitely be with and watch myself and promote a change that will be an improvement in my life. Thanks.

  2. Trust is my word for 2017 and i love this So let yourself surrender. Surrender to the truth of who you are. Take that leap. The truth of you is far bigger than you think. so special thank you xx

  3. Beautiful post Laurie! I tell myself to embrace fear as an opportunity for change instead of bracing fear and keeping it at bay. When we are uncomfortable and vulnerable, we are closest to the light and in the throes of transformation. Much love xo

  4. Thanks, Laurie. I enjoyed this. I especially liked the explorer image. We can get bonked over the head by lessons and signs… but if we’re not willing to heed them? Nothing changes. Clients often found it reassuring to be reminded: if you make a “wrong” decision? You can make *another* decision.

    1. Yes, Andrea–making “another” decision is the willingness to keep moving forward. Thanks!

  5. What an interesting concept that fear can be a teacher instead of an obstacle. Usually fear was a motivator for me – something to overcome. I’ll be looking at things differently from now on.

    1. I love that Mihaela! When something I write enables you to look at things differently that’s a gift to me. Thank you.

  6. I love the word willingness – it is one of my favorites Laurie! It is filled with so much love and possibility! I am in the process of making space in my life for my willingness so that I can truly step up and be seen. Thank you for this inspiring blog!

  7. A beautiful post full of such wisdom. I especially like: “truth carries its own protection. And it is mighty.” This knowledge makes it easier to “nudge aside” the defenses. Thanks, Laurie.

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