For You Who Illuminate the Way

I’ve left my cozy bed to sit in the quiet of the living room. Sleep is far away. Energy is coursing through me. How do I illuminate what is happening within me?

I find myself sitting upright, my arms outstretched. Without thought, I notice my palms are turned upright, energy pulsing in their centers. Giving forth? Receiving? I cannot feel a distinction. Is this the essence of circulation?

Ah! Giving and receiving is one dynamic. Each is embedded in the other. 

It’s the Winter Solstice. Fully embracing winter, the darkness is profound. Yet, where is the light in the darkness?

There are days where your focus is directed on accomplishing the tasks on your list. Meetings, news of the day, errands, traffic, other’s needs, deadlines, social media: they grab hold of your attention.

In a moment you’ve forgotten who you really are.

In the same way you can be derailed by your thoughts: self-doubt, fear, anxiety, indecision.

It’s another moment of forgetting.

Moments connect in a stream that become stories we tell ourselves, or patterns. But patterns are just that: patterns. Nothing more. Patterns of behavior, patterns of thought. They are not the truth. And you don’t need to believe in them.

Do you look for the light around you and forget to turn inside? Yes, inside, in the quiet. There the light lives, steady, constant, ready to illuminate your journey.

Let yourself be drawn inside.

Explore the quiet

illuminateLook beyond your patterns because there is more. Have you noticed that your inner light grows brighter as you give it your attention?

The light is embedded in your cells. It’s part of your DNA. This light nourishes you, ready to remind you of the bigger picture whenever you forget.

The inner light never dims. As you turn to the light it becomes brighter still, as if fed by your gaze.

Your attention is required. Not the attention of critical analysis, but the soft focus of acknowledgment and receiving. Your awareness.

Yes, you are here within me. You are everywhere, so I have no need to go outside of myself to find you. I only need turn inward and receive, for you are the light of my life and I am forever grateful for your Presence.

I love this time in the quiet. The energies do not let me sleep when I have not listened enough in the day.

Is it that way for you, too?

For you who illuminate the way

Some moments I feel tired. The picture keeps growing of what is to unfold from my actions. I don’t know how this will happen.

I cannot contain it all. It feels too big.

Then I remember that I am nothing by myself. I AM in partnership and my partner knows infinitely more than I do. I have been given the picture. My part is to remain constant with it. To take action with right timing. To listen, growing the light so that it illuminates my way…and perhaps the way for you, too.

Isn’t this what you want? To grow your light and shine the way? Then you must learn to receive.

Practice with your breath. Notice the sensations when you consciously breathe in. Receive your breath with a feeling of gratitude. Your breath keeps you alive. It connects you with every living thing.

What do you receive in your life? I receive…

  • The welcoming glow of the sunrise streaking colors across the sky
  • The softness in my beloved’s eyes as he gazes at me
  • The moment of connection when a friend offers her heart
  • Pure joy witnessing my daughter realizing the majesty of her gifts and talents
  • My breath, with love that fills me
  • My next step in life, with purpose

The picture that’s been given to me? A community of those committed to their own journey of discovery—of remembering the truth. You.

The one and the many

Person illuminatedOpen your hearts, your minds, your hands. Do it in each moment. Do it with love. First, receive yourself. This makes it possible to come together as one—oneness with the many.

In the quiet. It all begins here. Receive, receive, receive.

You are already luminous. Will you allow your light to expand, to illuminate the way for another?

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10 Responses

  1. Dear Laurie, Your message goes straight to my heart: “Isn’t this what you want? To grow your light and shine the way? Then you must learn to receive.” Yes! Thank you, kindred spirit! xox, Reba

  2. Such a warm, eloquent post, Laurie. My inner light really does need my attention to shine. I notice on days when I’m so busy & unfocused, I feel depleted. As soon as I stop & focus inward, I feel the warmth & calm of my inner light shining again. 🙂

    1. That is how it is for me too, Tae. When I feel depleted, or in any way off-center, I know that I only need to stop, breathe and focus inside. <3

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