The Hero’s Journey meets The Baca Pillars

For as long as I can remember I’ve wondered about my life. I’ve puzzled over why I felt the way I did, that I sensed I was different from most of the people I knew. How I wanted more of everything than my mother allowed for me.

I rarely got the chance to ask my mother about her dreams for herself. I knew how deeply she had buried them after my father died leaving her with 4 children and few resources. That’s why I felt even more determined to find out what my life was really about.

I always felt like there was something I was to discover. So I turned my life into a journey of discovery. Self-discovery.

The universal myth of the Hero’s Journey is the quintessential story of the search for self. — Joseph Campbell

I was in graduate school the first time I met Joseph Campbell in person. I was captivated with the power of the hero’s story. Joseph Campbell brought the archetype of The Hero’s Journey into popular culture. (If you don’t already know his work, check out Joe’s paradigm-shifting interviews with Bill Moyers or his seminal research in Hero with A Thousand Faces.) It resonated so strongly for me because of how long I had stood on the outskirts of my own dreams. The metaphor of the Hero’s Journey gave me the scaffolding to understand and to value my inner yearning.

I turned to this same metaphor as a structure for you to find sustenance here for your own journey of discovery.

Illuminator Guides

You know so well that life isn’t linear. We never go from point A to point B without sometimes going in a circle, doubling back on yourself or leap-frogging to point M in-between. We revisit old patterns to glean the particles of truth. We make a quantum leap and find new pathways to nourish our next steps.

Illumination helps us at every point along the way. So…

The Baca Pillars act as your illuminator guides. I made it easy for you to find something to shine light on this moment of your journey, whatever it may be.

Dip into the waters of The Baca Journey wherever you feel called. Nourish yourself again and again.

Discover The Baca Pillars now. Within each of the Pillars you will find inspiring posts that will provide illumination on your journey. Head over there to find what you need.

Remember: you are the hero of your own life.

A Hero’s Journey

The First Pillar, Hearing the Call: Begin Here

Respond to every call that excites your spirit. – Rumi

The Second Pillar, Heeding the Call: Inner Research

The journey continues as you do battle with your inner dragons, crossing wind-swept pathways over raging rivers and traversing unfamiliar lands.

The Third Pillar, Initiating the Quest: Sustaining the Connection

What is your story? You know there is more to life and more to understand about yourself.  In order to access that, you must be willing to leave what you know—or think you know, setting off for unknown lands without real knowledge of either the destination or the outcome.  You become both the explorer and the researcher. Your field of research is yourself; your reward is anchoring into the essence of who you are. (From, Can you feel the Freedom to be the Hero of Your Own Story?)

The Fourth Pillar, Being in the World: The Art of Self-Leadership

Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth. – Rumi

The Fifth Pillar, The Art of Living: Celebration and Purpose

What you seek is seeking you. – Rumi

The Sixth Pillar, Into the Distance: What’s next?

We are given such a grand opportunity to learn of the splendors and gifts that are within us. We can reject everything or we can experience the truth of who we are from the beginning… – Dawn Taylor

Head over to The Baca Pillars. Illumination awaits.

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