Living Your Inner Light from Day to Day

GUEST POST by Annet Hoeijmans-Boon

Enjoy this guest-post from my wonderful friend and extraordinary artist, Annet Hoeijmans-Boon, who encourages us to live our inner light, every day!


Sometimes you receive imprints from the not yet manifested, which is the future.

Sometimes you receive imprints or memories from the past.  All this interesting information fills you in some way.

There are times you feel so full with all this information, as if you have had a nice meal. Filling up on “information” can however, prevent you from waking up to being alive and aware in the present moment. That is, being still, empty and receptive…listening to the unique voice of your inner soul-light.

More and more we are beginning to understand and realize that the outer world is a reflection of our inner conceptions, individually as well as collectively. Feeling, recognizing and acknowledging the feedback from the outer world ignites and inspires inner expansion.  It is only through the power and potential of expansion that energy is molded in certain patterns. In moving in and out of “time-structures,” these patterns can be understood and recognized in various ways.

What do we actually do with all this information?  

Does it challenge you to come into movement, into action? To take responsibility for your own life and well-being, as well as for the planet that you, temporarily, live upon? You are multi-dimensional beings. You don’t have to do it all “on your own” anymore. That is an old thought-form. However, you do have to do it yourself! Nobody can live your life but you. Not even the best Father, Mother, Teacher, Doctor or Partner can do that.  Your life is your creation and your vivid, living peace of Art!

Understanding Comes Afterwards

birthIn my life I have experienced certain life-changing events. At the moment of experiencing, there was only the experience. Later on, in retrospect, I learned to understand the value and meaning of it all.

On this platform of The Baca Journey, a space and an opportunity is being offered to share the ups and downs of our soul-development. Let’s go for it! People are so relieved when there is an openhearted sharing about the way soul-development works in their everyday life.

Sharing experiences and thoughts in a respectful way helps and inspires others to join the journey of soul-development too, letting go of conditioned behavior, giving way for the soul-light to enter in and shine through. It offers a harmonic resonance, a feeling of belonging. It also transforms a deep state of isolation that exists within the human mind, individually and collectively.

My vision of the importance of sharing and caring is deeply connected with the power of inner and outer communication. 

Inner communication: learning to discern the difference between emotions and feelings, more and more taking your council from the heart instead of the mind.

Outer communication: learning to speak/express your inner truth with an open heart and mind, focused on understanding each other.

Action, Not Merely Map-reading

It is not only in love-relationships that openhearted and respectful communication is essential. It is needed with colleagues, friends, neighbors, employers and employees. Meditating, talking and thinking about how a new world or a love-relationship is one important thing, of course. Yet, if it prevents you from moving on to get “on the road,” it remains as map-reading and misses the experienced wisdom of practicing. A new pathway will become visible when more people have walked it.

Daring to care and share your inner light, honoring ourselves and each other, invites us to be strong and vulnerable, simultaneously. Through taking action it can become an invitation for others to take the risk and explore and express.

Give it a try!

Scroll down and add your comments. We’d love to hear from you!

Author:  Annet Hoeijmans-Boon

annet - hollandMy experience as a Yoga teacher provided a way to explore and teach about the inner path.  I opened to new dimensions of myself with my studies with Joop Krop (Human Communication Center) and the College of Spiritual Psychotherapists (White Lodge).  I recognized the esoteric wisdom beyond my rational mind. It opened up my spirit-soul-consciousness as well as my human heart and mind; it felt like coming home.

In the process of re-connecting with my inner source, I lived the pathway of intuition. I became an artist, writing poems and stories, and creating intuitive paintings: images of the soul. These images communicate with me in a creative and telepathic way and also have become a source of information.

I coach people through exploring together their inner wisdom and empowering their creative abilities. I give seminars and workshops about how to simply and fully live your inner light.

My home is in Holland with my husband. I am the mother of two beautiful children and grandmother of four lovely grandchildren. They are my greatest teachers in life!

Annet’s website:


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26 Responses

    1. Dank je wel, Ann! Jij bent ook een stralend en liefdevol mens.
      Zorgzaam voor anderen, humor, en krachtig in je eenvoud!Gelukkig ben je meer en meer jouw eigen koers gaan varen!

  1. Hi! This article is beautiful. It is full of truth and love. I found inspiration and peace within it. Thank you for expressing such timeless wisdom in this article. I enjoyed reading it. Great article.

  2. Beautiful post! Like you Annet, I am a yoga practitioner as well as yoga teacher. I have found the path towards my own enlightenment rather enlightening 🙂

  3. Absolutely love this post! Really needed to read this to uplift my spirit this morning. So heartfelt and truthful to the core of my being…hugs and blessings

  4. Great post Annet — beautiful words and art. I love how you begin by referencing the imprints we receive. I think it’s so powerful that we learn to acknowledge that we are on the receiving end on such information. I am grateful to my connection to the universal divine and grateful to be connected with so many others whose goal it is to journey this life experience mindfully. Keep up your great inspiration and sharing with others! Thanks, Laurie, for the special treat!

  5. My heart rejoices in reading all your beautiful comments in feeling and sharing the process of soul-development!
    It is only through inter-action and sharing our experiences on the journey, as fellow travellers, that the inner wisdom can grow and blossom in present times!
    Thank you all.

  6. I loved the artwork with this post and this is the quote I am taking away with me today, as someone who loves information: Filling up on “information” can however, prevent you from waking up to being alive and aware in the present moment. That is, being still, empty and receptive…listening to the unique voice of your inner soul-light. Wow, this was what I needed to hear today. Thanks for sharing this insightful post Laurie.

  7. Thank you Chara.
    Intuitive painting brings such joy and astonishment.
    As the image reveals itself, while playing with colors and form, at some point you “know and feel” what the soul wants to express. Everybody has such an artist inside!
    Worth trying:)

  8. Minette, how joyful to read that the inspiration of the words came on the ” right” moment for you. That is how the Universe works if we dare to care for ourselves and for each other! Enjoy your day.

  9. It would be wonderful to read and feel a bit more about your own experiences in your soul-journey.
    Anyone willing to share?
    Thanks, in advance:)

  10. Yes Laura, daring to share who we are, without comparison, is essential. It invites to express how one explores and experiences life. In sharing we enable each other to develop “trust” as an experience. Also it empowers the soul-journey
    as we are all fellow-travellors, aren’t we?

  11. For some unknown reason today I read a lot of your comments on this post that was already posted earlier in time.
    However the soul doesn’t care about ” time” in it timeless space.
    We are all interconnected and in sharing and caring empower each other to trust the soft inner voice that whispers and in joy will show us the way…
    Love and hugs to all.

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