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TS - 7Last week’s post, What does your heart wish to express? What is your essential message to the world?, was inspired by my work with Gail Larsen in her Transformational Speaking Immersion in Santa Fe, New Mexico. My heart definitely had something new to express.

There had been something brewing in me for months. My own insistent voice was urging me in a new direction. An energy of transmutation was working within me, bringing fresh pictures and possibilities. Something was being birthed and I needed to give it room to emerge.

So I spent 4 days with Gail Larsen in Santa Fe in her Transformational Speaking retreat. I had signed up in April, taking action from that inner prompting.  Her November class was my opportunity.


1909450_10152375623509492_924614473374842565_oGail was the midwife extraordinaire, weaving a sacred space for our essential messages to be realized and the voiced with love and clarity. Gifts were revealed with awe and inspiration. What a time it was! Love, wisdom, tears, celebration, laughter and an extraordinary connection with ourselves and each other.

We give birth to our inner self over and over again, each time discovering something new that brings forth a deeper expression of who we are.  It is the journey of the Hero who embarks on a quest for the “Grail”, crossing the void, taming the dragon and returning with the bounty that will feed the hungry: hard-won answers to essential questions, a beacon of light to show the way.

Moment That Define Us

There are stories that make up the arc of our life, defining moments that take us in one direction instead of another. How we choose to relate to our own life story forms the attitude with which we view life. If we try and ignore the past, our journey has no ground. If we keep rehashing the details, we are always looking backward, unable to step into what is next.

The link that threads through my personal stories is a willingness to give up things that were no longer aligned with me—including a thriving career and a marriage.  Stepping into the void there was so much to discover–inner peace, self-love and an abundant wellspring of inner resources.

Every one of us has a message that carries our essence. We have something valuable to share that can change the world.  My message is about living in truth. when you live in truth you let go of things you’ve invested in that no longer have meaning. You discover the answers to your deepest questions inside of you.

Alignment with truth is realized in that inner connection. The Inner Teacher is real!

Do you long to express in a deeper way? Give wings to your message. Transformational Speaking may be your propeller!

Moon sistersWith Ezzie Spencer, Azita Nahai, (me), Gail Larsen, Laurie Winn, Cherie Healey, and Barb Schmidt.

I love you all!










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17 Responses

  1. I appreciate the concept of “re-birthing” and “re-inventing” ourselves. If we are made up of our experiences then we are never really starting over… just deepening awareness based on new experiences or circumstances.

    You always make me think ~ and I appreciate that!


  2. Thank you for sharing your personal experience in this Laurie!
    When standing in the Light of your inner Truth and speaking from there, the message is always encouraging, loving, inspiring and stimulating. So much joy! Wonderful!

  3. Oh Laurie, what wonderful news!! I myself love Gail Larsen’s work and would love the opportunity of the exact immersion and workshop you are describing. My time will come. It is my dream to not only be a transformational author but also to be a transformational speaker.

    1. Nadia, your time is coming! I see you moving forward in so many wonderful ways with such determination and grace. You will love your time with Gail, whenever you make that happen!

  4. “We give birth to our inner self over and over again.” This statement resonated with me Laurie because each time we give birth to new thoughts, feelings and actions we have the opportunity for tremendous growth. I agree, how we relate to our own stories forms our attitudes toward life – learn and grow from them and remind ourselves they are stepping stones to inner strength, courage and wisdom.

  5. Thanks Laurie for sharing such a precious experience of opening to your being with us. It has been suggested by me editor who is also in Santa Fe that I consider Gail’s workshop and now based on your experience I just may…thank you for your pure heart and voice…

    1. Oh do go for it, Debra! As you get out with your upcoming book it would provide you with an incredible platform.

  6. As you know, Laurie, I have been waiting for this post with great anticipation — and it did not disappoint! This event is on my must-do list for next year!! Thanks again for sharing!

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