Innovation Intelligence?

Innovative Intelligence. What does that mean?

I’ve read a lot of innovation texts. And articles. I have to admit that I’ve fallen asleep in the midst of reading many times, while judging myself for it! I should be absorbing even more, since this is my focus. I certainly shouldn’t be falling asleep!

However. It’s not enough to have a smart innovation theory. I’ve known too many situations of innovation short-circuiting.

Teams falling apart. Communication breaking down.

Burnout before arrival.

The wrong focus, with adaptability nowhere in sight.

Here’s why. Innovation cannot successfully happen by adopting a certain framework. Because content is not enough, even when it is great stuff.

The best tool is still only a tool.

What is Needed?

YOU are what is needed. Is your own innovation intelligence optimized and operational? This includes an understanding and ease with the energetics of innovation. Of change. Of creativity. Of the relationship of your inner focus to your purpose.

Because when your purpose is clear, you align with what you are here to do and with the prospective solution. You know how the roles of people, resources and timing fit together into a master plan.

Most importantly, the guidance and clarity from your inner connection will allow you to successfully navigate the continually shifting landscape, and the fears and concerns from your teams and stakeholders.

Innovation Intelligence

Where Do You Begin?

Go inside. That might be through meditation. The art of connecting with the profound depths within you, becomes something far more powerful than simple relaxation (although I don’t dismiss how needed that is, too). It becomes a vehicle to connect with your Creative Intelligence, the life force that uses the tool to create exactly what is needed for that moment.

Now, are you aware of innovation intelligence? How do you build this?

Start here. It’s the link for my Quantum Connection quiz. I invite you to take it now, so that you can begin to create with greater ease and flow. That’s the essence of Innovation Intelligence.

We need you.


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